HBF+Europe: Distribution Support

What is HBF+Europe: Distribution Support for International Co-productions?

The HBF+Europe: Distribution Support offers funding to the distribution of internationally co-produced feature films by filmmakers from Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and parts of Eastern Europe. The scheme is designed to stimulate the promotion and circulation of these films in Europe and beyond, and to provide financial assistance for the promotion and publicity and the maximum amount awarded per project is € 30,000. In 2016-2017, the HBF+Europe Distribution Support for International Coproductions scheme will work with an open call for proposals in which applications can be submitted year round. Selections will be made three times a year, applicants will be informed about the dates of the selection meetings. For more details, see here.

Who can apply?

The applicant should be a rights holder of an eligible film – or the coordinator of a consortium of rights holders – for the territories in which the action takes place. The applicant should be a company constituted and active for at least two years in a country participating in the MEDIA Sub-programme and owned - directly or by majority participation - by nationals from such countries. The track record of the applicant should demonstrate a participation in the distribution of at least two international/European co-produced feature films.

When can I apply?

It is no longer possible to apply for HBF+Europe Distribution support, the scheme has been discontinued as per 2018.

How do I apply?

The HBF works with an online application form that can be accessed by registering through MyIFFR. In addition to the application form, the HBF requests a full project dossier, including a filled out eligibility form.

What information is required in the dossier for HBF+Europe: Distribution Support?

Please see here for a full overview of what to submit.

Who selects the projects?

For the HBF+Europe: Minority co-production support and for HBF+Europe: Distribution Support for International Co-productions: the committee assessing the projects consists of members of both Europe and outside Europe, each with a distinct and relevant expertise and experience within the film industry.

How will the projects be assessed?

Projects that meet the formal criteria for eligibility will be further assessed based on the entry form, additional documents and visual material. An assessment form based on pre-formulated criteria is used and scores will be given on each main selection criteria, with a maximum score of 100 points. See here for the award criteria.

My film is almost finished. Can I apply for HBF+Europe: Distribution Support?


My film is co-directed. Can I apply for HBF+Europe: Distribution Support?

The director(s) of the film should all be a national from one of the countries mentioned on the HBF list of eligible countries. If one of the directors is not a national one of these countries, it is not possible to apply. See here for an overview of all criteria for eligible projects.

What if our distribution activity continues after December 2017?

The general timeframe of the project should allow all conditions and requirements as mentioned in the contract to be finalised before 1 December 2017. Please consider this condition when applying.

What are print and advertising expenses?

Expenses such as costs for making screening copies, subtitling, website, posters, trailer, social media and press promotion and/or the costs to hire freelance experts to handle the publicity and promotion in support of the film’s distribution strategy.

What are innovative ways of film distribution?

We are looking forward to receiving applications that explore the new opportunities in the field of online distribution, distribution strategies working with multiple channels, and/or new partnerships between traditional and new players in the field of international film distribution.

Can we present a distribution strategy of multiple films at the same time?


Can selection for HBF+Europe: Distribution support be combined with other HBF support?

Yes, HBF+Europe: Distribution support can be combined with all other HBF schemes.

There are similar Creative Europe supported programmes, run by other European film funds. Can Distribution support of these similar programmes, for the same project, be combined?

Projects can receive funding from more than one of the Distribution schemes from similar co-production programmes funded by Creative Europe (see here and here and here), but only when the territories of the different applications do not overlap. 


Our project is already funded by a regular programme of a fund that also offers a similar Creative Europe programme. Can we still apply for HBF+Europe: Distribution Support?

Yes. All previously existing regular funding can be combined with HBF+Europe: Distribution Support. Only for the similar Creative Europe supported programmes that are listed here and here and here, a project can receive Creative Europe Distribution support only once.

My project was selected for Minority Co-production Support from a similar Creative Europe funded programme (not HBF+Europe). Can I also apply for HBF+Europe Distribution Support?


When and how do I hear results?

Upon confirming receipt of the application, applicants will be informed of the selection meeting dates for this scheme. 

Can we receive feedback why our project was not selected?

Upon request, an overview of the average score can be provided, as well as feedback from the HBF-staff by telephone only.

If our project is not selected for HBF+Europe Distribution Support for International Co-productions, can we make an appeal to this decision?

No, there is no possibility to appeal this decision.