Republic of Silence

Diana El Jeiroudi

P&I Selection 2022

  • 183'
  • Germany
  • 2021

You can leave Syria, but Syria will never leave you. In this boldly edited, rich documentary, Diana El Jeiroudi – who grew up in Damascus and now lives and works in Berlin – immerses us in her experiences and memories from age seven onwards, when she was given her first camera by her father. As a child, she heard bombs and realised: “Evil has a very loud and terrifying sound”. Once she became a filmmaker, she began filming the demonstrations against Assad. Is it still safe?

In Germany, she thinks about her divided country’s tragedy and records anti-refugee voices. Each of the four chapters has its own emphasis. Associative and not chronological, just like our memories, where travel impressions of Syria mix with archival footage, thoughts expressed in text, intimate moments, and the consoling effect of music. A recurring face is that of Orwa Nyrabia (current director of IDFA), her great love and film partner. Best documentary at DOK Leipzig according to the Goethe-Institut.


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Diana El Jeiroudi
Countries of production
Germany, France, Syria, Italy, Qatar
Production Year
Festival Edition
P&I Selection 2022
Original title
Jumhuriyat al-samt
Arabic, English, German, Kurdish
Diana El Jeiroudi, Orwa Nyrabia, Camille Laemle
Production Companies
No Nation Films, Les Films d'Ici
No Nation Films
Diana El Jeiroudi
Sebastian Baeumler, Diana El Jeiroudi, Orwa Nyrabia, Guevara Namer
Katja Dringenberg, Diana El Jeiroudi
Sound Design
Raphael Girardot