Please Baby Please

  • 95'
  • United States
  • 2022

Big issues, packaged in flamboyantly witty dialogue, are addressed amidst hyper-stylised decors with a theatrical 1950s feel (think a rather dark, campy twist on West Side Story (1961) as directed by John Waters). How should one be a ‘real’ man or woman? And, what does the institution of marriage have to do with it?

Suze and Arthur are the ideal Lower East Side bohemian couple. He earns a modest living as a clarinettist, she is a stylish housewife, dutifully doing the washing up. One evening, they witness a murder, committed by a rough gang of greasers in leather jackets, on the sidewalk in front of their house. This introduction to the intimidating Young Gents arouses previously unsuspected emotions and feelings of sexuality in both Arthur and Suze.

Amanda Kramer was able to attract a veritably stellar cast to this unconventional almost-musical, led by an extraordinary Andrea Riseborough (Birdman, 2014; The Death of Stalin, 2017, and TV series ZeroZeroZero, 2019) and Harry Melling (Harry Potter, 2001-2010; The Queen's Gambit, 2020). None other than Demi Moore shines as Suze’s glamourous upstairs neighbour, who has lovers and – even more impressively – a dishwasher.

Last but not least, special mention should go out to the splendid costume design by Ashley Heathcock, hair by Ledora Francis, and makeup by Laramie Glen, for further elevating this dazzlingly stylish film.

Screens in combination with Requests

Please Baby Please is the opening film of IFFR’s 51st edition on 26 January 2022.

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Available on Festival Scope Pro from 26 January 23:00 CET to 14 February 9:00 CET

Amanda Kramer
World premiere
Country of production
United States
Production Year
Festival Edition
P&I Selection 2022
Rob Paris, Gül Karakiz Bildik
Production Company
Rivulet Films
Creative Artists Agency (CAA)
Amanda Kramer, Noel David Taylor
Patrick Meade Jones
Benjamin Shearn
Production Design
Bette Adams
Sound Design
David Barber
Giulio Carmassi, Bryan Scary
Andrea Riseborough, Harry Melling, Karl Glusman, Demi Moore, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Ryan Simpkins, Dana Ashbrook

Programme IFFR 2022

Focus: Amanda Kramer

After years helming her own underground dance label, Amanda Kramerhas turned her vibrant vision to the seventh art with an aesthetic that is wild yet probing. Her films showcase bold performances, and grapple with the unknowability and instability of life and human psychology, pushing cinema to its limits.

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