Blue Island

Chan Tze-woon

P&I Selection 2022

  • 95'
  • Hong Kong
  • 2022

Although the Chinese government promised that Hong Kong would retain separate status until 2047, in recent years the Chinese state has consolidated its power over the metropolis. Large-scale protests by the populace have been brutally suppressed. This mix of documentary, fiction, and visions of the future reveals the current state of desolate depression among the people of Hong Kong. “A desperate attempt to capture the final moments of a sinking island”, as maker Chan Tze-woon himself puts it.

In four chapters, Chan looks back at previous moments of resistance and revolution on the island: in 1967, 1973, and 1989. He shows how the activists of then are faring now. Some still burn with righteous fire, while others are disillusioned or have been bought off by the system. The past is presented in fictional scenes, with today’s activists playing those of yesteryear. As one of the young demonstrators observes of her predecessor: “All the hardships he endured seem to be repeating in our generation.”


Available on Festival Scope Pro from 26 January 9:00 CET to 14 February 9:00 CET

Chan Tze-woon
Country of production
Hong Kong
Production Year
Festival Edition
P&I Selection 2022
Cantonese, English, Mandarin
Peter Yam
Production Company
Blue Island Production Company
Blue Island Production Company
Yat Lui, Ivan Law, Ah Sam, Ah Mak, Ernest Kwok, Chan Tze-woon
Production Design
Tsui Lok-yi