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Daniel Loustaunau

Daniel is a creative producer from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. In 2015 he founded Colectivo Colmena, a collective of young mexican filmmakers who explore creative ways to finance, produce and distribute independent films. He’s currently developing José Pablo Escamilla's second feature Godspeed Satan (La Fabrique Cinema), Sad Girl by Fernanda Tovar and Carlos Lenin's (Swatch art peace award, Locarno) God and the Devils Cumbia. Also, in post-production stage of the films Monstruo de Xibalba by Manuela Irene (Visions sud est) and Mauricio Calderon Rico's Todos los Incendios (Copia Final, Ventana Sur).

Colectivo Colmena - Mexico

Colectivo Colmena is a film collective from Mexico, founded by a group of independent filmmakers. We believe in cinema as a transformative force, for one self and for society. Our first feature Mostro, by José Pablo Escamilla premiered at the 74th edition of Locarno Film Festival. We’re currently in post-production for Todos los Incendios, by Mauricio Calderon Rico (Copia Final, Ventana Sur)  and Monstruo de Xibalba, by Manuela Irene (Visions sud est), in co-production with Cine Provincia. Developing the films Adiós a Satán (La Fabrique Cinéma) and Lumbrensueño (Biennale College Cinema), by José Pablo Escamilla, as well as Una Chica Triste (Proyecta, Ventana Sur), by Fernanda Tovar and Dios y la Cumbia del Diablo, by Carlos Lenin (Swatch Art Peace Hotel Award, Locarno 72th).


Projects in development

Sad Girl by Fernanda Tovar (feature)

God and the Devil's Cumbia by Carlos Lenin (feature)


Projects in production

Lumbrensueño by José Pablo Escamilla (feature).


Projects in post-production

Xibalba Monster by Manuela Irene (feature)

All the fires by Mauricio Calderon Rico (feature)


Released films

Mostro, by José Pablo Escamilla (feature)

 Daniel Loustaunau

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