Dag van de Dwarse Film 2018

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Some IFFR films divide audiences like no other: you either love them or hate them. What for some is a work of genius, for others is an impenetrable maze of experimentation. On Sunday 4 February, the last day of the festival, five of these impetuous, opinion-splitting titles will be screened in EYE. Masterly cinema for the hard-core cinema-lover.

These 'wayward' films score a lot of 'exceptionally good's and a lot of 'exceptionally bad's in the audience surveys – they leave little room for ambivalence, but always stimulate debate. These are the festival’s pieces of cinematographic bravado, the masterful experiments.

The Dag van de Dwarse Film salutes these innovative, daring, original and exceptional films. Last year’s programme included Sexy Durga by Sanal Kumar Sasidharan, winner of the Hivos Tiger Award. But also Kékszakállú by Gastón Solnicki, Park by Sofia Exarchou and Beduino by Júlio Bressane.

Confirmed titles for 2018:

Nervous Translation
Sensitive, sparkling film that captures the confusing and magical moments alike in the life of a child who, while preferring to be by herself, deep down also longs to be heard. The events of 1987 in the Philippines play a role in the background, but shy Yael is more concerned with her absent father, her uncle who is a rock star and a pen with special powers. Nominated for the Hivos Tiger Award.

9 doigts

In 2011, contentious French punk filmmaker F.J. Ossang was a special guest at IFFR. Seven years later, he returns with a new, elegant, black-and-white mystery about a criminal plot led by the shady 9 Fingers, a character very reminiscent of Fritz Lang’s Dr Mabuse.

Les garçons sauvages
In the early 1900s, five spoiled boys commit a violent crime. As punishment, they’re sent on a high sea cruise with a tough captain and end up on an island with disturbing secrets. A thrilling adventure that bends genres and genders, mixing Jules Verne, A Clockwork Orange and William Burroughs with an erotic twist. 

Two women at a crossroads in their lives meet briefly before each undertaking a journey: one returning to her family, while the other discovers a new world – and herself. Her journey takes us across breath-taking landscapes and endless bodies of water, and throws up both questions and answers about the essence of life and being.
The Nothing Factory
Portuguese workers react to the threatened closure of their factory by occupying the building. In their blue overalls, they drink wine in the sun, play draughts with bear tops, curse the unreliable management and discuss opportunities for self-management. In this tragicomic trilogy, the protagonists face their uncertain future dancing.
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    Still: Sexy Durga