Critics' Choice VII – Seeing Through Feast

04 February 2021

Will DiGravio

Will DiGravio's video essay Seeing Through Feast will be preceding the on demand screening of Tim Leyendekker's Feast.

Will DiGravio is a writer, video essayist, and podcaster. He currently hosts The Video Essay Podcast and writes the weekly newsletter, Notes on Videographic Criticism. In 2020, he co-curated, with Kevin B. Lee and Cydnii Wilde Harris, the Black Lives Matter Video Essay Playlist, which was named the best video essay project of the year by the editors of Sight & Sound. His current projects include “Rio Bravo Diary,” a Twitter-based, videographic study in which he is watching Rio Bravo (1959; Howard Hawks) over the course of one year. He is an associate editor for Screenworks, a contributor at Film School Rejects, and holds an M.Phil. from the Centre for Film & Screen at the University of Cambridge.


Critics' Choice VII: On Positionality

For the seventh time, Dana Linssen and Jan Pieter Ekker are organising the context programme Critics' Choice during the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

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