Critics' Choice VII: On Positionality

For the seventh time, Dana Linssen and Jan Pieter Ekker are organising the context programme Critics' Choice during the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

For this seventh edition all activities will revolve around the theme of Positionality. Positionality is a term originating from Anthropological Sciences, and commonly used to investigate and become aware of the positions from which we tell stories and how they relate to socially dominant and less-represented stories.

In On Positionality we will examine and extend this term beyond its traditional horizons and contemplate ways for the concept of positionality to become applicable in thinking, talking, writing, programming, mediating film and audiovisual arts. This will help us understand issues revolving around (the lack of) diversity and inclusion of journalism and the film industry. And at the same time, it touches upon the essence of the speaking positions of critics and film makers alike: In their work they relate from many positions and in multi-facetted ways to the films they create, discuss, reflect upon. For this part of the programme, Ekker and Linssen work together with Winnie Roseval, researcher at the Inclusive Education research group at The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

Due to the phased structure of the International Film Festival Rotterdam, with a kick-off in February, The vive le cinéma exhibition together with the Eye Filmmuseum, a Cinema Regained programme in the spring and a public programme in June, the Critics' Choice will also be rolled out in different stages during the first half of 2021. 

Critics' Choice VII – Bottled Songs 1-4 during IFFR 2021 in June

Critics' Choice VII – On Positionality during IFFR 2021 in February

Critics’ Choice VII – Vive le cinéma! at Eye Filmmuseum