IFFR & Pleinbios present: The Red Turtle

On Saturday, 9 September 2017 during Rotterdam Uitdagen – a weekend-long taster of the city’s new cultural season – we presented an atmospheric evening under the stars in cooperation with open-air cinema event Pleinbioscoop Rotterdam. Together, we landed at Rotterdam’s Afrikaanderplein square armed with food, drinks, music and of course film.

On the big screen, The Red Turtle will be shown, an enchanting animated film about a man shipwrecked and on an island with a red turtle who is determined to keep him there. 

Main film: The Red Turtle

Michael Dudok de Wit, France, Belgium, Japan, 2016, 80’

A man is shipwrecked, completely alone, on an uninhabited tropical island. Whenever he tries to leave, he’s stopped by a mysterious giant red turtle. Gradually, alongside nature’s cruelty, the man starts to appreciate its beauty and the island becomes a home he really doesn’t want to leave. There is no spoken dialogue in the film at all, but it remains riveting and moving from start to finish. A poetic film, without being difficult or obscure. The animations are stunning and drawn with great detail, and the music provides the perfect accompaniment. The filmmaker (who is Dutch) took ten years to make this film, working with the famous Japanese Ghibli animation studio (whose well-known works include Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away and Ponyo). The Red Turtle is the studio’s first ever international project and was nominated for an Oscar® and won the Special Jury Prize in Cannes.

Supporting film: Father & Daughter

Michael Dudok de Wit, The Netherlands, 2000, 9’

One day a little girl’s father just disappears, with no explanation at all, fading away like a dot on the horizon. As the years pass by, she keeps on looking out for him. A poignant animation about deep longing and connectedness, which won an Oscar® in 2001 and has screened previously at IFFR.

Father and Daughter

Pleinbioscoop and IFFR – Europe’s biggest open-air cinema and one of the biggest film festivals in the world – are joining forces for Rotterdam Uitdagen, the opening of the city’s cultural season. Pleinbioscoop has been showing films in Rotterdam’s Museumpark for thirty years now. Alongside this, Pleinbios organises special screenings, always working with the same formula: an exceptional film at the perfect location. IFFR presents a diverse range of unforgettable films, events and parties during its annual festival at the end of January, and participates in cultural initiatives throughout Rotterdam all year round.