Choose the way you want to watch

In June you can experience the festival in different ways: watch films together with other visitors in the cinema or watch the films on demand.

Please note: our official selection for June 2021 can only be viewed online from within the Netherlands. The only exceptions within the IFFR 2021 June programme are the Big Talks and IFFR Daily Stream, see below. 

Enjoy the flexibility of on demand

Watch a film at home when it suits you? Then choose on demand. All films from the official selection of IFFR 2021 can be viewed online. View them on demand, at a time of your choice. Every festival day (2-6 June) we make a number of films available on IFFR.com at 12:00 hours. These films are available to watch for 72 hours from that moment on. Some festival films can therefore be seen on demand until 9 June! Keep an eye on the programme page for the release schedule. All Short & mid-length films are available throughout the festival.

The tickets for viewing on demand, just like the tickets for the physical screenings, will go on sale on Friday, 21 May 2021 at 20:00 hours. For Tiger Members, the tickets will go on sale on Thursday 20 May 2021 at 20:00 hours. For Tiger Members Supreme, the tickets go on sale on Thursday at 12:00 hours.

Please note: The capacity for films on demand is large, but not unlimited. A film online can therefore also be sold out. If you have purchased a ticket, you can only watch the film once. You have not rented the film for 72 hours, but have gained access to one screening. After you press start, you have a maximum of 24 hours (within the viewing period of 72 hours) to watch the movie.

Please note:

Choose the way you want to watch before you purchase your ticket
Tickets can be purchased for on demand or for one of the limited number of timed screenings. So you have to decide in advance which option to go for. Both options can be found in the table on the page of the film. On demand and timed screening have an orange label. Physical screenings have a blue label.

Try both screening options
Interested in both online film experiences? Try both screening options for different films in our programme.

On demand films are only accessible in the Netherlands
Watching on demand films from the official IFFR 2021 selection is only available to audiences in the Netherlands, not worldwide.

Big Talks and IFFR Daily Stream
Big Talks and our IFFR Daily Stream are available worldwide and free of charge. Follow these programmes live or watch them later on our platform. You don’t need tickets to these events. Add the show to your Agenda or visit the event page to gain direct access to the stream at the time of the event.

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