César Augusto Rodríguez

Cesar Rodríguez was born in 1980. He has been working for Colombian film productions since 2003, designing the production strategy for films including The Embrace of the Serpent, Niña Errante, and Litigante, among others. Founder of Vaya Films, a company that has become a key piece within the Colombian film industry over the years.

Vaya Films - Colombia

Vaya Films is a company specialised in pre-production and production on set for film projects. Since 2009 it has been a key piece in Colombian cinema for designing the production schemes  for films such as The Embrace of the Serpent, Birds of Pasage, and Litigante, among others. Since 2012 they’ve worked on the development of their own content. In 2016 the company received the FDC (Colombian Film Fund) for short film production with Jamás, a short film selected at the Rencontres Cinémas d’Amerique Latine de Toulouse, Havana Film Festival and Bogoshorts Short Film Festival. 


Projects in development

Un Coyote al Final del Camino (Runaway) by Álvaro Vásquez (feature)


Released films

Jamás (Never) by Álvaro Vásquez (short)

Leve (Smooth) by Álvaro Vásquez (short)

César Augusto Rodríguez

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