Bright Future Mid-length 2018

In the past years, we have seen a tendency for short films to get longer, and features to get shorter. Since 2014 IFFR highlights a new format on the rise: the mid-length film, between 45 and 62 minutes. The Bright Future Mid-length programme of 2018 consists of ten films, five of which are world premieres. From a tale of revenge in the Mexican desert to the reincarnation of Walter Benjamin taking the Staten Island Ferry. After each screening there will be extra time to meet the director. 

Bright Future Mid-Length

  • Au-delà de l'un/Beyond the One, Anna Marziano, France, 2017, European premiere
  • Cartucho, Andrés Chaves, Colombia, 2017
  • Everyone in Hawaii Has a Sixpack Already, Marvin Hesse, Germany/Spain, 2018, world premiere
  • Exile, Zoe Beloff, USA, 2017, international premiere
  • Good Evening to the People Living in the Camp, Joost Conijn, France/Greece/Netherlands, 2018, world premiere
  • La muerte del maestro/The Death of the Master, José María Avilés, Ecuador/Argentina, 2018, world premiere
  • Pierdete entre los muertos/Drown Among the Dead, Ruben Gutiérrez, Mexico, 2018, world premiere
  • Playing Men, Matjaž Ivanišin, Slovenia/Croatia, 2017
  • Der Schurke Robert Otto/Villain Robert Otto, Florian Haag, Germany, 2018, world premiere
  • Stomach of the World, Eva Kotatkova, Greece, 2017