If you were an artist drowning in a quicksand of dirty laundry, dirty diapers, and debt, would you be ready to commit an awful crime to save your soul and art?

What have you achieved so far with the BoostNL programme?

During the BoostNL programme we had a fruitful script session with Aleksandra Świerk – one of the programme’s advisrs. This session made clear that the script is missing an obvious motive – what drives the main character – at the beginning of the film. In order to integrate this motive better into the storyline, we changed the order of a couple of scenes. 

Furthermore, the session brought up the important question of how to better unwrap the main character’s biggest dilemma throughout the storyline. 

In short, major improvements in the script have been made due to the support of the BoostNL programme. 


What would be your ideal next steps for your project?

Apart from further developing the script with the mentioned improvements, we would like to start the casting to enrich the writing process. 

We want to do a test reading with the script with a group of actors (not necessarily actually casted actors). As the dynamic between the mix of different languages in Grushka is an important part of the humour and rhythm of the script, it is important to try the dialogues out with actors. 

This will deepen and refine the final developments of the script in terms of the dialogues and dynamics between the main characters. 





Director’s Bio: 

Marta Parlatore is a screenwriter, director, script consultant and screenwriting teacher. She has (co-)written two feature films, and directed several shorts, music videos and TV reports. She has worked on several short and feature film projects as a script consultant, and has participated as a script coach in several project and talent development programmes. 

Since 2018, Parlatore has been an advisor at the NL Film Fund in the Regular Minority Coproductions Committee and other project selection committees. She lives in Dordrecht, the Netherlands.


Producer’s Bio: 

Volya Films is a Rotterdam-based film production company that produces high quality feature films, documentaries and animations for the national and international market, mainly as international co-productions. 

Our films tell unexpected stories with an original style or perspective. Recent titles are Mrs F. (Chris van der Vorm, 2020, One World FF Prague, Dutch Golden Calf Competition NFFl), The Mole Agent (Maite Alberdi, 2020, Oscar Academy Award® nominee Best Documentary Feature) and A Land Imagined (Yeo Siew Hua, 2018, Locarno Film Festival - winner Golden Leopard).


Marta Parlatore, director

Marta Parlatore, director

Denis Vaslin, producer

Denis Vaslin, producer