Cameron & How to Never Outshine a Bride and Other Futilities in a Life and Death Situation

While presenting at a friend's destination wedding, a hyper-imaginative motion graphic designer struggles to keep his mind in reality as he hides his sudden, terminal cancer diagnosis from everyone, including his long-term girlfriend, the master of ceremonies.

What have you achieved so far with the BoostNL programme? 

BoostNL offered us valuable script analyses, which we incorporated in our script rewriting process.

Furthermore, the marketing sessions have clarified the strengths and challenges in positioning our project, both on a B2B level as to how to position the film towards our audience: domestic, and international.


What would be your ideal next steps for your project?

We aim to attach the lead actor playing Cameron in the next six months and partner up with an animation studio.

Furthermore, now is the moment to incorporate all script feedback into the second script development stage, which runs parallel with our national film bodies support schedule.


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Director’s Bio:

Wiebe van den Ende (43) is a multi-talented writer / director.
He started out at MTV, creating TV commercials and corporate videos for the likes of Disney, Kroger, and BrandLoyalty. In the meantime, he made short films. His VR-film Incitement (SXSW 2019) was labeled by Forbes, as one of the 50 best XR experiences.

Both Wiebe’s parents passed away. Their sharing of their diagnosis inspired Wiebe to tell his story. Call it bad luck, or taking research too seriously, but after the first draft for Cameron Wiebe was diagnosed with colon cancer. Though now clean, it created an opportunity to dive into the protagonist's mind. It made an already very personal film even more intense, and triggered an insatiable thirst for life. 


Producer’s Bio:

Reinier Selen created Rinkel Film in 1996: an Amsterdam-based film production company with a long list of multiple award-winning features and TV Series, which have been selected for competition and have been awarded at festivals, such as Cannes, Sundance, Toronto, and Locarno. Oscar-shortlisted and for the European Film Awards nominated films are also part of their impressive portfolio.

Rinkel Film produces content that matters, often inspired by true stories and always in co-production with international partners from their wide network. As of today, Rinkel operates with a dedicated team of 5 creative producers, working on a varied slate of features, docs and series.


Wiebe van den Ende, director

director Wiebe van den Ende–Cameron & how to never...

Reinier Selen, producer

producer Reinier Selen–Cameron & how to never...