Young Film Critics 2013

Out of 80 applicants, the following five trainees were chosen to represent our IFFR 2013 group of Young Film Critics. They took part in a talent development programme during IFFR 2013 and covered the festival on their own blogs. You may find their bios and their personal IFFR coverage blogs below.

Agustín Acevedo Kanopa (La diaria, Uruguay)

Agustín (Montevideo, 1985) is a Uruguayan journalist and film critic. Since 2008 he has been writing articles and essays on cinema and music for the newspaper La Diaria. He is one of the main contributors to Roumovie, and has other articles published in magazines and sites such as La Voz Joven and 33 Cines. He has been a jury member for all Cinemateca’s International Film Festival editions since 2009.

Adding to his work as a critic, he has worked as Press Officer for several International Film Festivals held in Uruguay. Moreover, besides his press activity, he works as a psychologist (specialized in Lacanian psychoanalysis, theory and practice which has played a significant role in his work as a film critic) and is the author of four published literary works (one of them, Antes del crepúsculo, winner novel of the Ministry of Culture’s competitive funds in literature category, 2010).

Agustín's Young Film Critic blog

Carlos Carvajal (Amusement, Spain)

Although Carlos (Barcelona, 1987) started watching films when he was a child, he did not think about analyzing them until much later. His time at university has been the main turning point. He studied Philosophy at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, focusing on cultural studies and hermeneutics. He has recently finished a Journalism degree at Universitat Pompeu Fabra with an emphasis on cultural journalism and analysis. During his last year at university, Carlos worked as an intern at the Culture section of El País. For the last three years, he has regularly written film reviews and reports for several newspapers and online media. At present, Carlos is in charge of the Cinema section of a collaborative blog named Amusement.

Carlos' Young Film Critic blog

Kiva Reardon (Cinema Scope, Canada)

Kiva is a staff writer at Sympatico’s and freelances for outlets such as Now MagazineCinema Scope and Reverse Shot. After completing her undergraduate degree at McGill University in Cultural Studies, she moved back to her native Toronto. Returning to school after two years, she recently completed her Master's in Cinema Studies at the University of Toronto. Her paper on the intersection of New French Extremity and the work of Georges Bataille is forthcoming in the journal Cinephile. In her spare time, she is working to start a feminist film journal, knits and watches Law and Order: SVU.

Kiva's Young Film Critic blog

Jutta Sarhimaa (Ylioppilaslehti, Finland)

Jutta (Lappeenranta, 1985) started writing for the local newspaper when she was still in high school. Her first published film review was on Pedro Almodóvar's La mala educación. Jutta holds a Master of Social Sciences from University of Helsinki. She has been working as a freelance film critic since 2009, and is also a part-time photo journalist for Helsingin Sanomat, the biggest newspaper in Finland.

During the summer of 2011, she worked for YLE, the Finnish Public Broadcasting Company, as an intern in the feature-length documentaries department. Her project was Third Dimension, a website that features high-quality documentaries from developing countries, free to watch from Finland. She also helped to complete documentary film projects, among them Canned Dreams by Katja Gauriloff.

Jutta loves dancing (hip hop), yoga, politics, theatre, reading and travelling.

Jutta's Young Film Critic blog

Polly Kamukama (The Observer, Uganda)

Polly, 24, is a Ugandan journalist, film critic and filmmaker. He has written articles for all major newspapers in Uganda, including New VisionThe Red PepperThe Independent and The Observer where he is currently employed.

He began writing during his early school days by contributing to the teen section of New Vision, Uganda’s oldest publication. Polly holds a Bachelors degree in Mass Communication from Makerere University. While at university, he served as a Deputy Chief Editor of the official university newspaper, The Makererean, and hosted an entertainment show at the university’s radio station.

In 2012, he won an accolade at the 6th International Cinema and Television Sports (FICTS) festival- Kampala and was nominated for the Best Film Journalist award at the Pearl International Film Festival (PIFF), the biggest film event in Uganda.

Kamukama’s debut film work is the short play Ten Shots of Death which he wrote and directed as part of his university thesis. He has since written, directed and produced a number of radio and TV features.

Polly's Young Film Critic blog