World premiere of Rene Eller’s We

Sex, nihilism and aimless youth spend a sweaty summer together in the world premiere of We by Dutch filmmaker Rene Eller. A daring film based on a controversial novel by Elvis Peeters. The film is part of IFFR’s theme programme Maximum Overdrive and follows a group of teenagers whose intense boredom leads to depraved games and sexual exploitation. Eller and the complete cast will be present at the festive premiere on Saturday 27 January in Theater Rotterdam Schouwburg.

Teenagers without demanding parents, without ambition and without any sense of duty live from one music festival to the next. We follows eight of these teenagers during a hedonist summer in a small village near the Belgian-Dutch border. Their innocence is crushed as increasingly disturbing sexual games turn them into ruthless predators.

  • Still: We

  • Still: We

Rene Eller made name for himself as a producer and music video director, but in recent years he has fully embraced the world of feature films. In his feature film debut We, Eller captures the raw and moral-free hopelessness of Flemish author Elvis Peeters’s novel of the same name. Eller: “To me, the title reflects a sense of cynicism. As the world becomes increasingly atomised and gives us the ability to shut ourselves away, friendships become more superficial. Nothing really seems to touch us anymore. I think this phenomenon is undoubtedly more disturbing than the film itself.”

Festival Director Bero Beyer calls We a wild ride: “one that leaves you rattled in your chair, but simultaneously gives a warm and disconcerting look into some youth’s apathy and aimlessness.”

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