Winners Canon Tiger Awards for Short Films

The jury for the Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films has announced Dream English Kid 1964-1999 AD by Mark Leckey, Faux depart/False Start by Yto Barrada and Engram of Returning by Daïchi Saïto as the winners of the Canon Tiger Awards for Short Films 2016. The three winning filmmakers each receive a 3,000 Euro prize plus a gift voucher from Canon.

The Jury also selected Tout le monde aime le bord de la mer/We All Love the Seashore by Keina Espiñeira to compete in the short film category of the European Film Awards (EFA) later this year. Le Park by Randa Maroufi received a special mention. The awards ceremony took place this evening, Sunday 31 January at 21:00 at festival venue LantarenVenster. Winner Daïchi Saïto is a Rotterdam veteran: his short films All That Rises (2008), Trees of Syntax, Leaves of Axis (2010) and Never a Foot Too Far, Even (2012) previously screened in the short film programme of IFFR.

The jury for the Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films was made up of British artist, filmmaker and double winner of this award, Ben Rivers; historian and visual artist Naeem Mohaiemen from Bangladesh and Mieke Bernink, professor on the Master’s degree course at the Netherlands Film Academy.

Jury comments 

On making their decision, on Dream English Kid 1964-1999 AD the jury commented: “A kaleidoscopic sifting through decades of British media culture, as embedded in the detritus of VHS tape and television specials. The mood oscillates between joy and paranoia, escalating through the leftovers of cold war politics, giving us autobiography for a media overload age.”

On Faux depart/False Start: “A beautifully economic combination of film form and wordless gestures. The subterranean worlds of archeology and tourism are processed through repeated labor, for the discovery, and sometimes questionable invention, of heritage.”

And on Engram of Returning: “Fragments of memory emerge from the darkness, as we are immersed hypnotically into a world of pure cinema. A celluloid dream driven by the furious soundtrack, reaching a climax of flickering breathlessness – for the filmmaker and the audience.”

The jury selected Tout le monde aime le bord de la mer/We All Love the Seashore as their European Film Awards nomination: “A state of limbo surrounded by uncertainties of borders, legality, and time. A participatory, collaborative script travels between bleached sea and golden forest, merging mythical fragments, colonial memories, and migration realities.”

Le Park/The Park by Randa Maroufi received a special mention: “Finding a new way to talk about the ecosystem of mediated social media, through the lives of young Moroccans in a self-generated moment of public lives. A technical achievement that freezes time and then invites audiences to read emotions into stillness.”