What’s on today: Saturday 25 January

An IFFR day ahead of you? Every day we help you with the best tips: unmissable films, compilation programmes, art or music that we think are more than worth your while. And yes, tickets are available too. Check out our highlights for Saturday 25 January.


IFFR Kids Talk Schrijftijgers 2020
How are scenes written and brought to life? During this workshop, led by screenwriter Maureen Versprille, young film lovers (ages eight and up) get to find out for themselves. In collaboration with SKVR Schrijftijgers.
13:00 Schouwburg Kleine Zaal/Tuinkamer

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Rosa pietra stella by Marcello Sannino
The 'rose, rock and star' of the title is the beautiful Carmela, who scrapes together a living doing a range of odd jobs. But this isn't enough to give her eleven-year-old daughter a harmonious youth in the lively, multicultural part of Naples where they live. An attractive Neorealist fiction debut from an experienced documentary maker.
13:00, TR Schouwburg Grote Zaal

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Desterro by Maria Clara Escobar
De relatie van een jong Braziliaans stel lijkt op een dood spoor te zijn beland. Enige tijd nadat zij verdwijnt, krijgt hij te horen dat haar lichaam zich ergens in Argentinië bevindt. Wat nu? Explosief en verontrustend speelfilmdebuut, dat zichzelf op weg naar een indringend einde meerdere keren opnieuw lijkt uit te vinden.
16:00, Pathé 1

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Love’s Twisting Path by Nakajima Sadao
Samurai Tajūrō has hung up his sword for the quiet life of a painter and drunkard when a visit from a relative changes everything, dragging him into the political maelstrom of the bakumatsu: the end of Shogunate rule in mid 19th-century Japan. Genre genius Nakajima Sadao returns to his most beloved canvas: the sword-fighting film.
16:30, de Doelen Jurriaanse Zaal

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Un film dramatique by Eric Baudelaire
Vier jaar lang volgde Eric Baudelaire twintig schoolkinderen in een buitenwijk van Parijs. Hij liet hen zelf de camera hanteren. Hoe observeren zij de wereld? Reflecterend op thema’s als racisme, immigratie en identiteit worden de kinderen naast coregisseur van dit collectieve filmproject, ook onderwerp in hun eigen en elkaars leven.
19:30, de Doelen Jurriaanse Zaal

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Talks & Masterclasses

Masterclass: Screenwriting Rocks
The friendships between the girls in Rocks feel so true to life because they are drawn from real life. The screenplay was created in close cooperation with the young, non-professional lead actresses. Director Sarah Gavron and associate director Anu Henriques talk about this exceptional, joint writing process.
15:00, Hilton Le Jardin

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Art & Exhibitions

Waiting Room
Take a seat, take a sip and wait for a film to appear. You may also be treated a free consultation. First Symptoms (between 11:00 and 12:00): Listen to Oskar Alegria talk about Man Ray and his captivating film Zumiriki. Group Therapy (between 16:00 and 17:00): Take a break, take a deep breath with Hatha Yoga teacher Margarita Díaz Rodríguez.
10:00 - 19:00, de Doelen, free admission

Virtual Reality
Old film laws about time and place are turned upside down and make room for new ways of telling stories. In IFFR's VR Space in Arminius you can see and experience the new, inspiring fiction VR works by ground breaking VR artists, and immerse yourself in the best interactive projects. Pre-booking is essential, but last minute ‘no show’ tickets are available on the spot. Simply arrive 10 minutes before the screening starts to see if it’s your lucky day!
11:00 - 20:00, Arminius VR Space

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Virtual Reality

New, inspiring fiction VR works by ground breaking VR artists.



After the film screenings, IFFR continues at club IFFR! Join us every day for exciting live performances and your favourite DJs at Theater Rotterdam Schouw. Tonight’s host:The Performance Bar.
23:00 till late, TR Schouwburg, free admission with your filmticket or festival pass



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