What’s on today: 24 January

An IFFR day ahead of you? Every day we help you with the best tips: unmissable films, compilation programmes, art or music that we think are more than worth your while. And yes, tickets are available too. Check out our highlights for Friday 24 January.


El cazador by Marco Berger
15-year old homosexual Ezéquiel’s sexual awakening rapidly lands him in a moral dilemma. Compact, conspicuously subdued drama by Argentinian director Marco Berger, who won the Berlin festival's Teddy Award for Ausente in 2011.
14:15, Pathé 7

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The Perfect Candidate by Haifaa Al Mansour
A female doctor in Saudi Arabia stands as a candidate for the municipal elections, the first woman to ever do so. Even her modest political ambitions such as surfacing the dirt road outside the local hospital seem too much. Multi-layered family drama as well as an inspiring homage to women in this conservative, patriarchal society. By the director of Wadjda.
15:45, de Doelen, Willem Burger Zaal

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Los fantasmas van Sebastián Lojo
In dangerous Guatemala City, handsome Koki lures men to a hotel where they are robbed. He accepts this life as a matter of course – until it suddenly disappears. Using the power of authentic locations and situations, the young director delivers a convincing and exciting character study, and one that makes us stop and think.
17:30, Pathé 4

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Tierra Adentro van Mauro Colombo
Colombo’s urgent documentary feature debut shows the filmmaker immersing himself in the Darién Gap, a dense and mysterious jungle that divides Panama and Colombia. At the dangerous border between these two countries, guerrillas, immigrants, indigenous people, farmers, drug traffickers, police, and wild animals cross paths.
22:30, Pathé 3

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Short Film

RTM Short
Combined programme of brand-new short stories either by Rotterdam directors or filmed in Rotterdam. With work from amongst others Daan Bunnik, Salvador Miranda and Edson da Conceicao.
18:45, LantarenVenster 5, 21:00, LantarenVenster 2

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Ethereality – Bright Future Short
Combined programme from films from the Bright Future short section: NNew hopes for the future are portrayed amid the ruins of abandoned cities. Can we imagine a celestial reality?
18:45 Cinerama 2

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Talks & Masterclasses

Talk: Frameworks – Quay Brothers
The Quay Brothers introduce a number of scenes and motifs from their forthcoming feature film, based on Bruno Schulz's Sanatorium Under the Sign of the Hourglass (1937). The sanatorium is a floating world halfway between sleep and wakefulness, in a morbid ambiguity of time that cannot be measured by clocks.
24 jan, 14:30, Hilton Le Jardin

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Girls On Film Live!
For the second year in a row, British film critic Anna Smith (The Guardian) brings her fresh, cheerful podcast Girls on Film to Rotterdam for a female look at the film world in a live show featuring, among others, director Sarah Gavron (Rocks).
19:30, Hilton Le Jardin

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Art & Exhibitions

Art Directions
Today, the festive opening of all exhibitions, performances, video works and (interactive) installations from the Art Directions programme.
17:30 - 19:30, TENT, free admission


Art Directions

IFFR’s Art Directions is an extensive programme of art installations, performances and exhibitions.



Four nights of innovative audiovisual live performances. Today: Stefano Canapa & Antoine Birot, and Adriana Vila Guevara & Alfredo Costa Monteiro.
22:00 tot laat, WORM