Welcome to Planet IFFR!

Planet IFFR: A lively, cheerful, sometimes confusing destination. Here, film sets the rhythm of the day. At Planet IFFR, you can visit unexplored places and escape everyday reality from your cinema seat. Get to know other visitors, talk and discuss with them, as well as with film freaks and professionals from far and wide. At Planet IFFR, we explore a state of being; see and experience things together. Without walls, borders or passport checks. Thanks to cinema, we are able to open our hearts and eyes and enter a free space where we can look anew at the universe, and at ourselves. Visit places you’ve never been to before, or return to your favourite biotope.

Festival director Bero Beyer: “Everyone is welcome at Planet IFFR: from festival visitors to filmmakers, from day trippers and casual passers-by to film fanatics. Everyone is free to roam the planet, wherever they please. Discover the caves, climb the peaks and dare peer down to the deep valley floors. And who knows, maybe new areas may be opened up in the years ahead, which at present are still completely unknown.”

A planet is constantly in motion, and the same applies to IFFR. As an organisation, we strive to be constantly developing. We have an insatiable desire to innovate, are always looking for new initiatives and don’t shy away from a challenge. As long as it results in new insights, we are not afraid to fail. This is why IFFR is active all year round, in all kinds of areas: from video-on-demand and the monthly KINO film nights to the coproduction of films. Go exploring!
Planet IFFR is designed by Rotterdam design agency 75B. They have translated the now iconic tiger logo into three dimensions. This reflects the multifaceted nature of IFFR, like a colourful planet. Designer Rens Muis: “A planet is an accumulation of all kinds of active substances and phenomena that has arisen over a long period of time. The festival is just such a great clustering: together, the active elements, large and small, make up the entirety of IFFR. Planet IFFR reflects this constant cycle of life, work, movement and change. Things are born and created, while other things dissolve and disappear. IFFR adjusts to outside circumstances, absorbing them into the whole.” The design reflects an organic, lively entity, with mapped-out domains side-by-side with virgin territory ripe for exploration. Planet IFFR: where new insights and inspirational meetings await. From 25 January to 5 February 2017.
Welcome to Planet IFFR! 

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