Weblog White Light

Weblog White Light

The special 2006 programme section White Light, curated by Rotterdam Film Festival programmer Gertjan Zuilhof, presents a series of contemporary and new ‘drugs driven’ films. The programme offers hallucinating cinema - a neglected but important part of experimental filmmaking - as well as ‘narco cinema’ in which drugs appear as plot catalyst.

Every month, Gertjan Zuilhof publishes his notes, thoughts and observations related to the creation of this thematic film programme.

'White Light' refers to the song 'White Light White Heat' from the second, 1968 album of the same name by popband The Velvet Underground..

The 'White Light' chronicles are the third series of introducing texts accompanying Gertjan Zuilhof's theme sections:

Homefront USA for IFFR 2004, films reflecting on the social and political situation in the United States following the 9/11 attacks and the Gulf/Iraq wars)

SEA Eyes (for IFFR 2005, introducing a new and upcoming generation of filmmakers from the Southeast Asian region)