We Are One programme revealed

12 May 2020

IFFR shows four films and a lecture at online film festival

Together with over twenty other major film festivals, IFFR is curating We Are One: A Global Film Festival. Each festival contributes its share of films to this freely accessible YouTube event to raise money for Covid-19 relief funds.

Join us on YouTube from 29 May to 7 June to celebrate cinema together and in the meantime raise funds for those who were hit the hardest by the pandemic. The films are available for free, but those who are in a position to do so can donate via YouTube.

IFFR presents four films, from short to feature-length, made by four different film collectives. The African films Air Conditioner by Fradique, Kmêdeus by Nuno Miranda, Tapi! by Jim Chuchu have all been made with support from the Hubert Bals Fund and screened at IFFR 2020. Stories of Destroyed Cities: Şhengal by Şêro Hindê has not shown at IFFR before and was made by the Rojava Film Commune, a Syrian film collective who held the Freedom Lecture at De Balie during IFFR 2020. Their lecture will also be shown at We Are One.

IFFR has chosen to support the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), a global organisation determined to save the lives of refugees. UNHCR advocates the inclusion of refugees in emergency social protection schemes and helps the most vulnerable with one-off cash assistance.

After premiering, each film will remain online for seven days.

IFFR on We Are One:

Stories of Destroyed Cities: Şhengal, Şêro Hindê, 2018, Syria, 18’
Şhengal is cloaked in an eerie silence. This city in the northwest of Iraq was recently recaptured from the Islamic State by Kurdish fighters. Şhengal (Sinjar in Kurdish) was largely destroyed by IS; its women and children kidnapped, most of the men and elderly murdered. The few surviving Yezidis struggle to revive their everyday lives.

Watch on YouTube Premiere: 2 June 2020, 16:00 hours.

Freedom Lecture by Rojava Film Commune
Lecture by Diyar Hesso and Sêvînaz Evdikê of the Kurdish Rojava Film Commune. This film collective emerged in the 'stateless democracy' of the Rojava region in Northern Syria and stimulated a new generation of image-makers to make films based on their everyday reality. Rojava Film Commune is a non-hierarchical collective that stimulates film education and film production among the local population. In this way, film becomes a medium for depicting the experiences of Kurdish civilians.

Watch on YouTube Premiere: 2 June 2020, 16:30 hours.

Tapi!, Jim Chuchu, 2020, Kenya, 25’
A short documentary that explores a formative moment in the life of Kenyan ritual healer Jackson, one of the last practitioners of the ritual healing practice called utapishi ('tapi'). The leaders of the local Christian church are not happy with the influence of the ritual and decide to go to court. Jackson pushes back against the threat of tapi's prohibition by local Christian church movements who seem to be determined to erase the complex history of a people. 

Watch on YouTube Premiere: 3 June 2020, 14:15 hours. 


Kmêdeus, Nuno Miranda, Cabo Verde, 53’
The intriguing story of a mysterious homeless man called Kmêdeus (EatGod) who lived on the island of São Vicente, Cabo Verde. A lunatic or an artist and a philosopher? African contemporary dancer António Tavares made a performance based on the inner worlds of Kmêdeus. A trip through Mindelo, its music, cinema and carnival.

Watch on YouTube Premiere: 3 June 2020, 15:00 hours.


Air Conditioner, Fradique, 2020, Angola, 72’
Air conditioners mysteriously start falling from buildings in the Angolan capital, Luanda. The search for a working unit forms the starting point for a pleasantly free film representing the city's heartbeat. A great jazzy soundtrack, a rap and the chaotic hum of the city guide us through its streets and buildings. 

Watch on YouTube Premiere: 6 June 2020, 17:45 hours.