Watch online now: 30 years of HBF

This year, IFFR’s Hubert Bals Fund is celebrating its 30-year anniversary: three decades of supporting remarkable and urgent cinema. Grants in various categories have played a crucial role in enabling the production of over 1,000 films by independent filmmakers. Get in the mood for 48th IFFR and watch some of these HBF-supported films now on our streaming platform IFFR Unleashed!

  • Still from Los decentes

    Still from Los decentes

  • Still from De jueves a domingo

    Still from De jueves a domingo

  • Still from Men Who Save the World

    Still from Men Who Save the World

  • Still from Poor Folk

  • Still from The Joy

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The HBF-supported films in this collection:

See HBF-supported films at 48th IFFR as well

Photo in header: Alba, Ana Cristina Barragán, 2016