VR at IFFR 2018

The IFFR and VR Days Europe have joined forces in order to navigate the world of fictional VR in a first cooperative venture. In a rapidly changing media landscape in which film and technology are increasingly converging, both parties hope this will stimulate new forms of visual experience.

This year VR also plays a role in the public programme of IFFR with three very unique installations. During the 2018 festival, IFFR PRO will take it a step further. In line with the whole CineMart set-up we narrowed down the selection to gain more focus. For the IFFR PRO x VR Days 2018 we have selected four projects. 


IFFR and VR Days Europe have joined forces in order to navigate the world of fictional VR in a first cooperative venture. The moderated event on January 30 will entail the presentations of four new projects; Amrita, Ice Cave, I’m Not Comfortable in this Family and Kinshasa Now as well as two case studies; DOOM ROOM and The Illuminatus!

IFFR PRO Days x VR Days 2018 will start with Astrid Kahmkevan from Bavaria Film Center
With a background as creative film producer for Bavaria Pictures until 2014, her international feature films received many awards. In 2008 she has been honored with the prestigious Producers’ Award of the Film Fest Hamburg. Since 2012 Astrid works for the Bavarian Film Center. She innovated the highly esteemed First Movie Program for the last five years and has been developed training formats such as the "Immersive Storytelling Hackathon", "story:first - digital storytelling lab" or the „Writers’ Room:Lab“. Since 2016 she curates the international “i4c events" in Munich and is head of the "VR Creators' Lab”, which is funded by the European Union / Creative Europe Media. She has been invited to the Future of Storytelling Summit in New York in 2017 and gives talks on “content creation for virtual worlds”. She is fascinated by story worlds, eXtended Realities and unleashed creativity.

Full Programme

  • 10:00 - 10:05 Welcome by Marit vd Elshout (Head IFFR PRO) & Benjamin de Wit (director VR Days)
  • 10.05 - 10.20 Keynote TBC
  • 10:20 - 11:05 Case study The Illuminatus with Scott McPherson
  • 11.05 - 11.30 Coffee break
  • 11.30 - 12.15 Case study Doom Room with Jesper Dalmgaard & Mads Damsbo
  • 12:15- 13:00 Presentation Project Amrita & I'm Not Comfortable in the Family
  • 13:00 - 14:00 Lunch @ Port of Rotterdam Foyer, De Doelen
  • 14:00 - 14:45 Presentation Project Ice Cave & Kinshasa Now
  • 14.45 - 15.00 Closing
  • 15.30 - 17.30 Possibility for one-to-one meetings with project representatives

Tues 30 Jan | 10:00 -15:00 | de Doelen van Cappellen zaal
IFFR PRO guests only, rsvp [email protected]

Public VR events


A 360 film by José Celestino Campusano 

A minimalist, choral tale in which several characters typical of indie American films issue a collective statement on an era and its politics. The register is essentially maximalist - everything is shown in 360 degrees, establishing an aesthetic possibility which could be called the ‘expansion of the field’.

Sat 27 Jan to Sat 3 Feb | 11:00 - 20:00 | Lantarenvenster
Admission with ticket.

José Campusano retrospective

The ultimate insider portraying the conflicts and contradictions of the working class in Argentina today.

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  • Brooklyn Experience

  • Kinshasa Now


Experience Pan-Africa in four VR works 

Let This Be a Warning by The Nest Collective (Kenya); Spirit Robot by Jonathan Dotse (Ghana); Hard World for Small Things by Janicza Bravo (USA) and The Other Dakar by Selly Raby Kane (Senegal) in June Givanni’s Pan-African Cinema Lounge.

Thu 25 Jan to Sat 3 Feb | 11:00-20:00 | V2_
Free admission.


Come explore your own mortality and resurrection

DOOM ROOM is an immersive performance that questions our perception of identity. You will enter the room with 5 other individuals. We guarantee a riveting traverse of visceral self-discovery you cannot afford to miss out on. Commissioned by I AM Vodka and created by Jesper Dalgaard and Mads Damsbo from the award winning company Makropol in collaboration with Chateau Motel and Butter.

Mon 29 to Wed 31 Jan | 15:00-18:00 | WORM Slash Gallery
Free admission.

Photo in header: DOOMROOM