VPRO Big Screen Award Jury

02 November 2021

Still: El perro que no calla

For the Big Screen Competition, IFFR is inviting you to become part of our audience jury. As a jury member, along with four other film-lovers, you’ll get to select which film you think deserves to win the VPRO Big Screen Award, and later reach ‘big screens’ and TVs across the Netherlands.

Big Screen Competition

IFFR’s Big Screen Competition presents 16 brand-new films bridging the gap between popular, classic and art house cinema. An audience jury picks the winner.

VPRO Big Screen Award 

Since 2013, the VPRO Big Screen Award has been made possible by our collaboration with  public broadcasters VPRO and NPO. The prize aims to promote one not-to-be-missed competition film in theatres across the Netherlands and on public television.

Become a jury member!

Are you a film enthusiast who would love the chance to attend IFFR 2022?

Apply to become a member of the VPRO Big Screen Award Jury. Our jury of five will be granted the unique opportunity to watch all films selected for the Big Screen Competition, and together will determine the winner of the VPRO Big Screen Award. 

Jury members will need to be available for the duration of the festival to watch all 16 films between 26 January and 6 February. Your schedule will be set once our festival programme is complete.

We’re looking for jury members of all ages. And don’t worry, you don’t need to have a professional film background to participate. All you need is a love of cinema, and an eye for films that should be seen by a large audience beyond the festival.


Big Screen Competition

De winnende film verschijnt in Nederlandse filmtheaters en op tv.

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