Videoland Academy is looking for new talent

27 September 2021

Still from Indringer

The third edition of Videoland Academy started on Saturday 25 September. Young filmmakers can pitch ideas in horror and creative documentary categories.

Now that the first Videoland Academy films are premiering at the Netherlands Film Festival (NFF), Videoland is looking for genre film and documentary makers who can tell contemporary, original and accessible stories. For their third edition, Videoland Academy is looking for innovative stories in the Dutch Horror genre (fiction) and creative documentary ideas in a Dutch context. These films will premiere during the Netherlands Film Festival and IDFA 2023 and will be streaming later on Videoland.

In the Dutch Horror (fiction) category, Videoland Academy is looking for innovative stories within the horror genre in which the boundaries of fear will be explored. The stories may fall within the various subgenres of horror, from comic horror to socially critical horror stories. There is no specific theme for the Documentary section during this third edition. However, it is important that the subject is related to phenomena and events that are present in Dutch society.

You can register until 5 December 2021. For more information, visit or follow Videoland Academy on Instagram:

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