vfonds new main sponsor

The Dutch National Fund for Peace, Freedom and Veteran Care – vfonds for short – will be IFFR's new main sponsor for the coming three years. The vfonds fights for the preservation of a just and peaceful democracy to which all citizens can contribute. A successful democracy need its platforms, like a filmfestival, for new encounters and fruitful discussions.

vfonds aims to question the self-evidence of a free democracy by supporting international peace-missions. Among many different projects it has funded war museums, memorial sites, and veteran societies in order to honour those who ensure our freedom every day, both close to home and in faraway places. By means of education and publicity, vfonds seeks to emphasise the need for mutual respect and understanding. Being a main sponsor consists of more than throwing money, which is why collaboration with vfonds will be especially close within IFFR's Talks Programme.

In current times of political turmoil, nuance is something we could all use a little more of. With quality cinema from around the globe IFFR positions itself as a 'window into the world' and provides the spaces necessary for intercultural dialogue that dismantles prejudice. Festival Director Bero Beyer is pleased with the newfound partnership: "IFFR and vfonds share their appreciation for dialogue, reflection, freedom, tolerance, and openness. Their support strengthens IFFR in its mission to spread independent world cinema far and wide."