Unleashed has taken off!

IFFR Unleashed // Blog Post #1

As we are closing the books on another riveting and successful edition of the film festival, we are thrilled to take flight with IFFR’s rebranded year-round distribution scheme: IFFR Unleashed. We have spent the better half of this past year exploring and fine-tuning the technical and legal aspects of VoD and EST distribution. We have now officially launched our foray into the world of VoD and alternative distribution during this past edition of CineMart, and we are equipped and energised to begin guiding the films we love towards new audiences all over the world.

Over the past couple of months, our team has been in touch with the filmmakers and rights-holders of the first ten films that have joined our programme. Together with them, we have been collecting the necessary content and publicity materials to prepare their films for digital releases (with our encoding lab partner NEP Netherlands). Based on their wishes and our assessment of their materials (such as subtitle languages) and the VoD possibilities, we have proposed territories for release and the filmmakers and rights-holders have signed contractual agreements. Meanwhile, our impact producer has conducted intake procedures with the filmmakers in question, exploring marketing strategies and the search for audiences worldwide.

Among the films currently participating in our scheme are last year’s Hivos Tiger Award winner Videofilia (y otros síndromes virales) by Juan Daniel F. Molero, Hivos Tiger Award nominee Impressions of a Drowned Man (Kyros Papavassiliou), audience favorite Los hongos (Oscar Ruiz Navia), Limbo (Anna Sofie Hartmann), L for Leisure (Lev Kalman and Whitney Horn), mid-length favorite Cover Me (Garrett Bradley), and this year’s Where Are You Going (Yang Zhengfan).

These titles will soon be added to our IFFR iTunes Store where they will join a catalogue of some eighty-odd already available titles, such as Audience Award winner The Dark Horse (James Napier Robertson) and several titles distributed through previous scheme, IFFR In The Cloud, like Die Welt (Alex Pitstra). Simultaneously, we are exploring options to distribute our expanding catalogue through other VoD platforms as well. We are also currently reaching out to filmmakers from our recent festival history and to those who have recently shown interest in our scheme.

IFFR Unleashed has taken off!

We aim to update this blog twice monthly. In the meantime, if you are interested in IFFR Unleashed or if you have questions particularly concerning the distribution potential of your own film (previously screened at IFFR), feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].