Twin seeks partners

Twin seeks partners

Turin delegation with IFFR staff in Stroom, Rotterdam

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1958 twinning accord between Rotterdam and Turin, a delegation of Turinese film professionals jetted over to IFFR  to assess and discuss the potential for future cross-cultural collaborations between the two cities. The visit was arranged by the Chief Marketing Office, Rotterdam – the government department that develops the city's marketing strategies and brand management initiatives. So far the Turinese team, consisting of representatives from the Torino Film Festival, Torino Piemonte Film Commission, the Museo Nazionale del Cinema and Philips Design, have observed the festival and CineMart in full swing. Today, they will visit the photo museum, the media-active Lloyd quarter and the New York Hotel, and will attend the screening of the Rotterdam classic from 1928, En Gij, Kameraad? which features a new score of composed and performed live by SED (Serge Dusault and Jean-Paul Grobben).

'It is all about exchanging information and securing cultural bonds,' claimed CMO brand manager Robbert Nesselaar. 'Turin has a great film history and I want to see how this collaboration can further contribute to the branding and marketing of Rotterdam. This is obviously one of the possibilities that the film festival can offer. It is a great event with an impressive international profile. Maybe Turin will be sufficiently interested in Rotterdam to shoot films here in the future.'

Paolo Manera, head of documentaries and shorts for the Torino Piemonte Film Commission, articulated his impressions of Rotterdam and its film structure. 'Rotterdam has a great sense of the past and of the future. There is a sense of something moving here, more so than in bigger towns. This is something Rotterdam has in common with Turin, a town with an industrial history that is now investing heavily in culture,' he opined. 'IFFR was always a role model for our festival. And we also take a lot of notice of what the Rotterdam Film Fund is doing. Right now, we are trying to invest time and energy and money to help our filmmakers take a more international approach to their business. International co-production is the only way forward and to find more and more companies here in Rotterdam with which to co-produce would be a very good thing.' NC