Tips by Inge de Leeuw

With a total of 538 films screening at IFFR, we understand it can be quite a challenge to pick the right one. Therefore, we asked connoisseurs, tastemakers and other enthusiasts about their personal favourites. Inge de Leeuw, programmer of IFFR’s Rabbit Hole programme section, tells you which films you should not miss out on.

Make Me Up investigates how television and social media can, on the one hand, serve as expressive spaces to explore identity, while on the other they’re candy-pink prisons that encourage women to conform to strict beauty ideals. A layered, smart and fun film, which and extra special showing on Tuesday: then the screening will be accompanied by journalist Yoana Pavlova, with a knitting performance as part of the Critics' Choice V. She gave all the characters of the film their own colour and from the pattern you can then see which character is speaking when. On top of that, Pavlova will also be knitting during the Q&A afterwards. As a visitor you can therefore be immortalized in a scarf!”



Black Mother is another film not to be missed. This stylised documentary won the first prize at our sister festival on Curacao. The Q&A with director Khalik Allah was great, the whole room was instantly in love with him – so disarming and honest he is. And accessible: he likes to share his knowledge with beginning filmmakers.”



Photo in header: Inge de Leeuw