Tips for advance ticket sales

14 May 2021

IFFR 2021 June programme

Once you’ve selected which films you want to watch from IFFR 2021’s June programme, it’s time to prepare for ticket sales by reading through the following information and tips. Ticket sales start on Thursday 20 May for Tiger Members at 20:00 (CEST), and regular ticket sales start the following evening, Friday 21 May at 20:00.

Set yourself up in your Account 

Set yourself up in your Account before 19:30. Create an account if you don’t have one already. We make use of a queueing system, so between 19:30 and 20:00, you will be placed in the 'pre-queue' when logged into your account. 

Choose the way you want to watch 

Before you buy a ticket for a film, decide how you want to watch it. There are a few options:

1. Watch online and enjoy the flexibility of on demand
Feature films in the June programme will be made available to watch on demand for a 72-hour period, each day there will be a new selection of films available at 12:00. Short & Mid-length films will be available for the duration of the festival until 9 June. With a film ticket, you may watch the programme (including pre-recorded interviews with filmmakers) once, any time within the 72-hour window. There is no live element to the on demand screenings. 

Please note: our official selection for June 2021 can only be viewed online from within the Netherlands. The only exceptions within the IFFR 2021 programme are the IFFR Talks, see below.  

2. Watch the opening film online premiere We will screen only one timed premiere online. If you want to celebrate the opening of our June programme and enjoy the buzz of watching collectively with others, join us for our Opening Film: The World to Come on Wednesday, 2 June at 19:00. The film screens once and will not be available on demand.

3. Watch in cinemas or film theatres in Rotterdam
Attend a film screening or event physically at one of our festival locations: KINO, LantarenVenster, Pathé Schouwburgplein, Cinerama Filmtheater or WORM. Tickets can be purchased through The programme is always susceptible to change. A number of adjustments have been made since the IFFR programme supplement for the Volkskrant newspaper went to press. See the latest updates here.

Please note: Physical festival programming and our Covid-19 regulations are susceptible to change. Read our Covid-19 safety protocol before buying tickets and again before visiting the festival. In order to visit the festival on 2, 3 and 4 June you are required to present a negative coronavirus test via That would mean that all visitors need to get tested within 40 hours of the event. Find more information about this on this page.  

You can buy a maximum of 20 tickets per screening. For the physical programme at our festival location (Art Directions) it is necessary to reserve a time slot online. There is no restriction for online programmes.

Update: restrictions are set to lift further on 5 June. Rapid testing will no longer be required on 5 and 6 June. Capacity in the screening rooms will be limited. 

Ticket prices

A ticket to an online film (both for on demand screenings and the opening film) will cost €8.50 per feature and €6.50 for mid-length films. 

Access to the film is connected to your account. You only purchase one ticket per account, regardless of how many people will be watching with you in the same room. Per account (and thus per ticket), the film may only be watched once.  

Tickets for physical screenings in cinemas and film theatres will cost €12.00 for a feature and €9.00 for mid-length films.

A note for professionals attending the festival: access to films (formerly known as Press & Industry screenings) will take place via Festival Scope Pro. You do not have to purchase any tickets as an accredited professional. If you have questions about this, please connect with us through the live chat on this site.

Available discounts 

Many of the usual discounts will not be available for our online festival. We do offer an Under 23-discount, with which anyone under the age of 23 can buy tickets for online films at a reduced price of €5. Cineville, CJP and We Are Public are offering their own discounts to their members on selection films. More on discounts here.

Free programme available worldwide

Some programmes are free of charge, including IFFR Talks, available online and worldwide, and events on location in Rotterdam (Art Directions). 

Join the queue

Ticket sales start at 20:00. To regulate demand we work with a queuing system. Avoid surprises by reading the queue guide carefully! You don’t need to be on the website long before 20:00. Between 19:30 and 20:00 a ‘pre-queue’ is formed and at 20:00, everyone in the 'pre-queue' at that moment is allocated a random number for the queue that follows. It doesn’t matter whether you were in the pre-queue at 19:31 or 19:59: at 20:00, everyone has the same chance. If you arrive on the site at 20:01 to buy a ticket, you will join the end of the queue. 

Tip: try not to refresh the page while you are in the queue. If you do, you will be allocated a new number and you will join the end of the queue.

Tickets in the bag! Now use your Agenda to gain access

Any programme you have purchased will appear in your Agenda. There you will find the link to the stream as soon as it is available. 

Do you have more ticket-related questions? Check our FAQ pages for more information.

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