Tigers' next projects

Tigers' next projects

There's no rest for directors in Rotterdam's 2007 Tiger Awards Competition -- check out the buzz on what they're working on now...

New Mortier project
Writer-director Koen Mortier, whose film EX DRUMMER is playing in this year’s Tiger Awards competition, is already busy on his next project. Titled BLINK OF A SECOND, and scheduled to begin shooting next year, it’s the story of how a person’s life can change – quite literally – in the blink of second. (SK)

Tigers prefer monkeys
Tiger director Aneta Lesnikovska (DOES IT HURT? – THE FIRST BALKAN DOGMA) is already busy with her next project. Entitled ONE MORE THING, the film, says Lesnikovska, will be based on the three wise monkeys, representing: hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil. The concept, she says, will allow her to work with audio and visual filmmaking in an interesting way.

Lesnikovska has her eye on Philip Seymour Hoffman to play one of the monkeys. She is busy making contact with his agency.
Lesnikovska has already secured funding for treatment and development from the Dutch Film Fund. She will also present the film at the Sofia International Film Festival for best pitch for a second feature film, in March. (LF)

High flyer
Morten Hartz Kaplers
was expecting some adverse reaction to AFR, his satire on Danish politics. But still the call asking if he would direct a film about Putin being an alien from outer space, came as quite a surprise. “I don’t quite know who they were,” he says. “They were Russian or Georgian.” He laughs as he puffs on a chain of cigarettes.

The plot might sound outlandish, but for Hartz Kaplers – a former trapeze artist – the ordinary is not quite his cup of tea. The Zentropa-based director has several more quirky projects in the pipeline. “One is about the death of God,” he says. “Nietsche spent some time killing God, and so did the communists and the socialists as well. But they never really succeeded. This should be the challenge of this century, to kill God.”

Not one to shy away from big themes then, Hartz Kaplers has also been busy with a second idea about Korea. “It’s about a country divided and families split up in a place that’s Communist in the North and capitalist in the South. This is also how Europe was before it was united. Korea is a picture of how Europe used to be.”

And let’s not forget the Axis of Evil. “I think it’s obvious to everyone that there are problems out there that need to be solved,” he says. “Obviously, the war on terrorism starts with poverty. You can drop as many bombs as you like but it’s not going to solve any problems. You need to give people food, houses, jobs. That might be the subject of my next film.” (LF)