Tiger Teaser #8: Limited Editions!

Meet the humans of Planet IFFR: they are the only species that clothe itself…

IFFR 2018 hasn’t even started yet but we already know what this year’s must-have item is going to be: exclusive Tiger-socks, designed by Rotterdam sock icon Alfredo Gonzales. The stories that are told through cinema and the edgy character of IFFR are perfectly in line with the attitude of Alfredo Gonzales, known for his unexpected and rebellious style. That’s why we decided to collaborate, and proudly serve the ankles of film enthusiasts. Our love for fine films and Alfredo’s love for fine fabrics created the perfect opening for two brand new designs. The Off-White design with the stand-out red stripes is a true showstopper for the more extravagant human. Humans that care for a bit of understatement will feel right at home when they step in the classic, melee design. Whatever path you decide to take, put your best foot forward!

Last year, after years of flirting and mutual admiration, we decided to team up with Susan Bijl. This choice turned out to be a very successful one, which is why extending our relationship was the only logical outcome. With the same passion as last year, we are proud to present this year’s collaboration. The New Shoppingbag is ultra lightweight, making it a comfortable and practical travel companion for everything from a trip to the supermarket to an excusion to the other side of Planet IFFR.

The socks and bags are only and exclusively available during IFFR (24 January to 4 February 2018) in our festivalshop in ‘de Doelen’, as long as stocks last.