Tiger Teaser #6: Scopitone

We are heading towards Planet IFFR at high velocity. Major Tiger occasionally gets into contact with Ground Control to report on what he sees through his telescope. Today is the fifth Tiger Teaser Thursday, on which we may announce no less than eight music documentaries, free of charge.

It's been a regular part of IFFR for quite some years now: the Scopitone Café. That's where we screen an ecstatic mix of documentaries on music and musical experience, everyday at 8PM, starting Friday. Admission is free and the bars and doors stay open. No big egos, but often a suprise support act. You'll find the Scopitone Café at the Kleine Zaal of the Rotterdamse Schouwburg.


Friday 27 January 2017


Norway - 2016 - Fredrik Horn Akselsen, Christian Falch - 84 min.
In Norway, the birthplace of black metal, the genre went from being vilified to a tourist attraction in a little over 25 years. This mildly ironic documentary follows three young metal acts as they make their pilgrimages to the North. However, the situations in their home countries of Greece, Columbia and Iran are what make their quest so special.


Saturday 28 January 2017

War of Words

United Kingdom - 2016 - Craig Tuohy, Tom Worth - 63 min.
Warning: explicit language! What started as an internet phenomenon is now in the streets, bars and even in major arenas: the noble art of verbal humiliation. Rap without brakes. The culture clash between the latest generation of American and British battle rappers is its entertaining highlight.


Sunday 29 January 2017

Cairo Jazzman

Germany - 2017 - Atef Ben Bouzid - 82 min.
Passionate Amr Salah is an Egyptian jazz composer and musician trying to organise the Cairo Jazz Festival; a risky undertaking, not only because of his limited experience, but mainly also due to the increasingly intolerant social climate. This political music documentary simultaneously paints an atmospheric portrait of the Egyptian capital.


Monday 30 January 2017

New Voices in an Old Flower

Ethiopia, Spain, United Kingdom - 2016 - Quino Piñero - 69 min.
Westerners generally view Ethiopia as the mythical land of Rastafarians. However, the contemporary music scene is much richer than that, as this sultry, nocturnal exploration of the capital Addis Abeba demonstrates. From reggae to hip-hop and from free jazz to electronic sampling: diversity rules.


Tuesday 31 January 2017

Two Trains Runnin'

USA - 2016 - Sam Pollard - 82 min. 
1964: young, white blues fans go in search of two legends they only know from 78 RPM records, Skip James and Son House. They end up in the eye of a racial storm that led to civil rights and new inspiration for folk singers. A painfully contemporary documentary story.


Wednesday 1 February 2017

Cassette: A Documentary Mixtape

United Kingdom - 2016 - Zack Taylor - 93 min.
If only you'd kept them! After vinyl, cassettes are also making a comeback. Contemporary hipsters, midlife daydreamers and octogenarian pioneers idiosyncratically declare their love for the handy format. With musicians Henry Rollins and Thurston Moore, and a leading role for Dutch inventor Lou Ottens.


Thursday 2 Februari 2017

Placebo: Alt.Russia

USA - 2016 - Charlie Targett-Adams - 67 min.
Fifteen years after they first played in Russia, British band Placebo tour there again. To keep things interesting they seek out like-minded alternative musicians, artists, designers and performance artists along the way. A disturbing look behind the scenes of a heavily controlled society.


Friday 3 February 2017

The Wonderful Kingdom of Papa Alaev

France, Israel - 2016 - Noam Pinchas, Tal Barda - 74 min.
If anyone still doubts that musical talent is hereditary, this documentary provides convincing proof. Not that a tyrannical patriarch is necessarily an ideal teacher. The success of the Tajiki Jackson family hides many psychological, ideological and even religious tensions. The music, however, continues to impress.

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