Tiger Teaser #4: sound//vision

We are heading towards Planet IFFR at high velocity. Major Tiger occasionally gets into contact with Ground Control to report on what he sees through his telescope. Today is the second Tiger Teaser Thursday, on which you get a preview of the programme for IFFR 2017 every week. No film today, but a motley collection late-night A/V-performances. Say what? This one goes out to the night owls.

Four nights filled with innovative, experimental and adventurous audiovisual culture: that's sound//vision. You'll find collaborations between musicians, video artists, filmmakers and other artistic people, who together explore the boundaries of sound and vision. The programme is part of IFFR Short Film and takes place in club WORM from 26 January until 29 January. Doors open at 9PM and the programme continues until the wee hours, so make sure to keep the morning after free of important appointments.

A few programme highlights:

  • Zeno van den Broek plays with spatial language consisting of both images and sound - abstract yet organic
  • Mimicof combines detailed rhythmic patterns with melody and harmony - translated and manipulated live into digital video lines by Kaliber 16
  • Joost Rekveld has for the past few years been active in the digital domain, after years of experiments with analogue film.He will navigate an imaginary galaxy with bassist Dario Calderone and electronics wizard Claudio F. Baroni
  • Nicky Hamlyn presents a hypnotising rhythmic show by projecting four identical loops with four rattling 16mm projectors
  • Adriana Vila GuevaraLuis Macias and Alfredo Costa Monteiro provide a visually and aurally overwhelming show, equipped with two 16mm and two slide projectors
  • The Infamous Mudclub makes you dance the night away to New Beat, Retro Electro and Cold Wave
  • Marc JacobsKhristine GillardBart Maris and Peter Vandenberghe improvise with field recordings, noise, drones, trumpet, piano and visuals, screened by two 16mm projectors
  • LeeHangjun shows, live supported by Philipp Ernsting, military photographs screened by five 16mm projectors, after which he will walk through his other four-projector installation, manually pulling film through thereby manipulating both sound and image, with musical support by Jérôme Noetinger
  • Christian Baas & Raging Ego will keep you on the dance floor with their ekkklectic schmuck
  • Jasper StadhoudersLeo SvirskyJeroen KimmanOnno Govaert and Philipp Moser create a musical whirlwind of polyrhythmic cycles and polytonal environments, while film collective Filmwerkplaats uses multiple 16mm projectors to create a visual counterpart

The observant IFFR adepts have perhaps already noticed: tickets for this series of special nights are already on sale. See the full line-up and get your tickets on the sound//vision page.

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