Tiger Teaser #2: Prevenge

We are heading towards Planet IFFR at high velocity. Major Tiger occasionally gets into contact with Ground Control to report on what he sees through his telescope. Today is the second Tiger Teaser Thursday, on which you get a preview of the programme for IFFR 2017 every week. This time: a British actress and screenwriter, who debuts as a director with a feminist, humorous horror film.

Today, we can reveal the IFFR 2017 selection Prevenge (2016) by Alice Lowe, a film that puts an end to the romantic idea of pregnancy. Whereas some pregnant women indulge in chocolate, Ruth loses herself in a gory murder spree, commissioned by her unborn child.

  • Prevenge

“You have no control over your mind and body anymore,” a midwife says as she gently taps Ruth’s heavily pregnant belly. “This one does.” Many women who have ever been pregnant will agree to that, but that is as far as the regular course of business goes in this comedy meetsslasher film. Pink clouds are nowhere to be seen, because in moody Ruth’s case, the foetus in her belly literally controls her. Her unborn baby talks to her: she wants Ruth to cut as many throats as possible, starting with annoying, clumsy, egocentric men.

British actress and screenwriter Alice Lowe is known for the grim comedy Sightseers (IFFR 2013), directed by Ben Wheatley, in which a seemingly neat couple on vacation goes on a killing spree. Yep, we could have expected a dark approach from Alice Lowe. And indeed: her directorial debut Prevenge, which premiered at the Venice film festival, is just as full of black humour. Lowe came up with the story while she was pregnant, playing the lead role. The result is a unique vision of the horrors of pregnancy (‘a hostile takeover’, according to Ruth) and visits to the midwife. She takes sardonic pleasure in wiping the floor with rose-tinted myths and breathes new life into the term ‘raging hormones’.

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