Tiger Portrait #2

25 January 2020

Jorge Thielen Armand talks about his film La Fortaleza

Ten world premieres will be screened this year in the Tiger Competition, the main competition of IFFR, that celebrates the talent of young, promising filmmakers. The makers vie for the Tiger Award and the Special Jury Award. IFFR speaks them all, of course. Today, Jorge Thielen Armand talks about La Fortaleza. In Venezuela – a country creaking on its foundations – a man retreats into the jungle to battle his inner demons.

About La Fortaleza
Stories from his father, who also plays the lead, inspired the filmmaker to make this intense drama. To escape the crisis in Venezuela, and his alcoholism, a man retreats into the jungle and meets old friends. But their former happiness is transformed into evil intentions by the lure of gold.

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