Tiger Awards for Short Films presented

The three Tiger Awards for Short Films were presented on Sunday evening to Rubber Coated Steel by Lawrence Abu Hamdan, El cuento de Antonia by Jorge Cadena and Sakhisona by Prantik Basu. Besides the award, each filmmaker receives a prize of €3,000. Information Skies by Metahaven has been nominated for the European Short Film Award. 

By Mariska Graveland

In the atmospheric, subtle El cuento de Antonia Jorge Cadena portrays life in a Colombian fishing village as seen through the eyes of a young girl in a white dress. She is supposed to participate in an unspecified celebration but instead she prefers to explore her surroundings by herself. As she wanders, with the wind blowing in her hair, she encounters a couple making love, a man flying a kite and other village scenes that combine to create a beautiful, unassuming portrayal of a microcosm of Columbian society. Through his mature graduation film made at the Geneva University of Art and Design, Cadena demonstrates that he has a refreshing way of observing the world. 

Prantik Basu’s Sakhisona also brings a landscape to life, that of Mogulmari in the Indian state of West Bengal. Wonderful, deeply contrasted black-and-white images, driven along by trance music, show mount Sakhisona as a silhouette that has stood quietly in the landscape for as long as human memory stretches back. Recently the remains of a sixth-century monastery were discovered here. All manner of folk tales and traditions are unearthed along with numerous objects. 

Engaged and original in its execution, Rubber Coated Steel consists of an audio recording of a trial that investigates whether Israeli soldiers used rubber bullets or live fire when they shot two Palestinian boys in 2014. The audio analysis includes, among other things, sound recordings made by a CNN crew that are deliberately withheld from us. Lawrence Abu Hamdan prefers to give a voice to the victims by visualizing the frequencies of the fatal shots. 

In addition, the jury nominated Information Skies by Metahaven for the European Short Film Award. The ingeniously executed film combines live action, anime animation and abstract digital images, immersing us in augmented reality and undermining our preconceived notions about reality. At the end of the year members of the European Film Academy will select the winner of the European Short Film Award.