The Reports on Sarah and Saleem by Muayad & Rami Alayan

22 September 2016

For the first edition of BOOSTNL a wide range of projects are selected. At the Dutch Film Festival in Utrecht we welcome the 14 filmmakers with whom this new initiative will come to life. We introduce them with a short Q&A.

Muayad & Rami Alayan

The brothers Muayad and Rami Alayan live and work in Jerusalem as a filmmakers and cinematographers. Muayad Alayan is co-founder of Palcine Productions, a collective of filmmakers and audiovisual artists in Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

"The Story telling and oral history of our parents and grandmother had a great influence on our childhood and our life. We realized early on the important and the power of narrating stories and the magic of creating story worlds and characters. I want to leave films and stories behind that people will watch forever and take home with them in their hearts and their minds."

What is your history with HFM and/or CineMart?
"Rami, the writer and fellow producer on the project was a participant at the 2016 Producers Lab at Cinemart as part of the Arab Cinema Center producers selection. We are very honored that our feature project The Reports on Sarah and Saleem was among the winners of the Hubert Bals Development Fund, and we are extremely thrilled to be selected for the new BoostNL platform/initiative."

In two sentences: what is this project about?
"The film uses the setting of Jerusalem to explore our capacity as humans to connect with one another despite our environments that set us apart. Despite the challenges humans can connect and stand with each other, not by ignoring the realities that set them apart in the first place, but by identifying their common pains and quests and breaking from the divisive expectations to do what’s right."

In which fase is the project now?
"Currently pursuing production financing and seeking additional co-production partners. We are also in early stage casting research and exploring collaborations for lead crew positions."

What do you expect of BOOST NL?
"We expect to further develop our project's package (financial plan, audience engagement plan, etc...) , network with financiers and grants representatives, as well as network with potential World Sales companies and distributors

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