Tessa Boerman tips IFFR

With a total of 538 films screening at IFFR, we understand it can be quite a challenge to pick the right one. Therefore, we asked connoisseurs, tastemakers and other enthusiasts about their personal favourites. Tessa Boerman, one of the programmers of IFFR’s Soul in the Eye programme, tells you which films you can’t afford to miss out on.

“If you want to meet all current afro-Brazilian filmmakers at once, and understand why their films are so popular, you have to be in the Hilton on Sunday afternoon for Soul in the Eye: Talks, Performance & Masterclass. Brazil is almost a continent in its own right, but there were whole areas where, until a few years ago, no films where made – or those films at least never made it to the cinema. At IFFR, you can get to know a completely different side of Brazil through films that are explicit, energetic and that bristle with the spirit of freedom. The conversations this afternoon give context to the films that you already saw on IFFR, or which you are going to see.”

Soul in the eye

Talks with filmmakers, a performance by Jota Mombaça and a masterclass by Tiger Award nominee Gabriel Martins Alves.

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“If you can only see one film from the Soul in the Eye programme, then I recommend Ilha, which shows how intensely people can crave for a movie that does not exist yet. Fallen for the allure of afro-Brazilian cinema? Then I also recommend Temporada, a very nice film that transports you to Brazil to move along with one woman's inner life. The filmmaker is extremely adept at making poetry, subtle and intense, from everyday life.”

Photo in header: Tessa Boerman © Bas Czerwinski