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Three IFFR-backed films in Cannes

Did you know that every year a lot of films that originated at IFFR find their way to Cannes? Yes, that’s right – originated, because as well as showing lots of films (many of them for the first time), IFFR is also where many film projects are born – thanks in part to our Hubert Bals Fund (HBF). This year is no exception, as the Cannes film festival – which starts today – is screening three film productions developed with support from the HBF
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Mohamed Ben Attia on Hedi: "Tunisian women are stronger, that's a fact"

In his award-winning film Hedi, Tunisian filmmaker Mohamed Ben Attia subtly allows a love story to reflect on that country's 2010 Jasmin Revolution. "Hedi's love story with Rim is comparable to the revolution. At times like this, you believe everything is going to be alright." Hedi received support from the Hubert Bals Fund of International Film Fesitval Rotterdam, and will be screened during World Cinema Amsterdam.
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