Summer sale! Up to 50% off merchandise

17 June 2022

IFFR Merchandise © ACL Media

Summer sale! Shop now for up to 50% off selected summer items, including the IFFR (Picnic) Blanket, a Bucket Hat for sunny days and how about an IFFR handheld fan, the perfect accessory on those hot summer days.

The IFFR 2022 campaign merch and our limited edition collection by Rotterdam artist Brenda van Vliet of Galerie Atelier Herenplaats is now also available with 50% off in our webshop.

IFFR 2022 merch

IFFR 2022 merch

IFFR Merch

IFFR merch

IFFR merch

Visit our online merch shop to view all discounted items.

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