Soundtrack The Childhood Of A Leader released

The music from Brady Corbets film The Childhood Of A Leader is now available. The impressive soundtrack by composer Scott Walker was performed live in De Doelen during the closing night of the 45th edition of IFFR.

The debut of the 28-year-old filmmaker Brady Corbet, based on a short story by Jean Paul Sartre, a story about the childhood of an American boy growing up in France in the absence of his father. His very religious mother devotes her life above all to God, something her very young son suffers from terribly. Later, his unhappy childhood shows the ground for his erratic and sadistic behavior, making him grow into a fascist leader.

The oppressive story, which takes place on the eve of the Second World War, is translated in an intense way by avant-garde composer Walker. The use of electronic beats and soundscape-like sounds alternates with the romantic sounds of a symphony orchestra. The soundtrack swells to a bombastic climax of musical violence, which would not look out of place among the lurid scenes from a slasher movie. Walker draws the viewers completely into the darkness of the mind of the protagonist with short musical fragments of ominous strings and bombastic percussion. The intense climax leaves you in bewilderment in a sea of deafening silence.

The soundtrack is available on CD, LP and downloadable on the iTunes store.