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This is an overview of all films that have been supported through the NFF+HBF Co-production Scheme (previously knwn as HBF Plus). These are titles that have first been selected for HBF Script and Project Development, and have been co-produced by Dutch producers. The NFF+HBF Coproduction Scheme is a collaboration between the Netherlands Film Fund and the Hubert Bals Fund.



Anatomy of Time - Jakrawal Nilthamrong - Thailand
Dutch producer: Sluizer Film Productions

La hija de todas las rabias - Laura Baumeister - Nicaragua
Dutch producer: Halal

La memoria del monte - Paz Encina - Paraguay
Dutch producer: Revolver Amsterdam

Shanghai Youth - Wang Bing - China
Dutch producer: Volya Films


Feathers of a Father - Omar Elzohairy - Egypt
Dutch producer: Keplerfilm

Nasir - Arun Karthick - India
Dutch producer: Rinkel Film

Ningdu - Lei Lei - Hong Kong
Dutch producer: Submarine

The Whole-Timers - Pooja Gurung and Bibhusan Basnet - Nepal
Dutch producer: Circe Films


Almost in Love - Leonardo Brzezicki - Argentina
Dutch producer: Keplerfilm

The Reports on Sarah and Saleem - Muayad Alayan - Palestine
Dutch producer: KeyFilm

A Land Imagined - Yeo Siew Hua - Singapore
Dutch producer: Volya Films

Sick, Sick, Sick - Alice Furtado - Brazil
Dutch producer: BALDR Film


Late to Die Young - Dominga Sotomayor - Chile
Dutch producer: Circe Films

Rafiki - Wanuri Kahiu - Kenya
Dutch producer: Rinkel Film

Tehran, City of Love - Ali Jaberansari - Iran
Dutch producer: Viking Film

Window Boy Would Also Like to Have a Submarine - Alex Piperno - Uruguay
Dutch producer: BALDR Film

The Omission - Sebastian Schjaer - Argentina
Dutch producer: Volya Films


La cama - Mónica Lairana - Argentina
Dutch producer: Topkapi Films

Rojo - Benjamin Naishtat - Argentina
Dutch producer: Viking Film

White Sun - Deepak Rauniyar - Nepal
Dutch producer: Waterland Film

Something Useful - Pelin Esmer - Turkey
Dutch producer: Topkapi Films


  • Tarde para morir joven by Dominga Sotomayor

  • Rojo by Benjamin Naishtat

  • Rafiki by Wanuri Kahiu

  • Tehran City of Love by Ali Jaberansari

  • A Land Imagined by Yeo Siew Hua

  • The Reports on Sarah and Saleem by Muayad Alayan

  • La omisión by Sebastian Schjaer

  • Los versos del olvido by Alireza Khatami

  • La cama by Monica Lairana

  • Rey by Niles Atallah

  • White Sun by Deepak Rauniyar

  • Humidity by Nikola Ljuca

  • Something Useful by Pelin Esmer

  • La última tierra by Pablo Lamar

  • Leones by Jazmín López

  • Dos disparos by Martín Rejtman


Land and Shade - César Acevedo - Colombia
Dutch producer: Topkapi Films 

Oblivion Verses - Alireza Khatami - Iran
Dutch producer: Lemming Film 

Don’t Swallow My Heart, Alligator Girl - Felipe Bragança - Brazil
Dutch producer: Revolver Amsterdam 

The Wound - John Trengove - South Africa
Dutch producer: OAK Motion Pictures

Oscuro Animal - Felipe Guerrero - Colombia
Dutch producer: Viking Film


Rey - Niles Atallah - Chile
Dutch producer: Circe Films

La última tierra - Pablo Lamar - Paraguay
Dutch producer: Fortuna Films

Big Father, Small Father and Other Stories - Phan Dang Di - Vietnam
Dutch producer: Volya Films

Women of the Weeping River - Sheron Dayoc - Philippines
Dutch producer: Waterland Film


Bull Down! - Gabriel Mascaro - Brazil 
Dutch producer: Viking Film

Humidity - Nikola Ljuca - Serbia
Dutch producer: Lemming Film

El Cinco - Adrián Biniez - Uruguay/Argentina
Dutch producer: Topkapi Films

Dos disparos - Martín Rejtman - Argentina 
Dutch producer: Waterland Film


Leones - Jazmín López - Argentina
Dutch producer: Lemming Film/Viking Film

La tercera orilla - Celina Murga - Argentina
Dutch producer: Waterland Film

Men Who Save the World – Liew Seng Tat – Malaysia 
Dutch producer: Volya Films

The Blue Wave – Merve Kayan & Zeynep Dadak - Turkey
Dutch producer: Family Affair Films


De jueves a domingo - Dominga Sotomayor - Chile
Dutch producer: Circe Films

Solo - Guillermo Rocamora - Uruguay
Dutch producer: Volya Films

Tanta agua - Ana Guevara and Leticia Jorge - Uruguay
Dutch producer: IDTV Films

Villegas - Gonzalo Tobal - Argentina
Dutch producer: NFI Productions


40 Days of Silence – Saodat Ismailova - Uzbekistan
Dutch producer: Volya Films 

Abrir puertas y ventanas – Milagros Mumenthaler - Argentina
Dutch producer: Waterland Film

Our Grand Despair – Seyfi Teoman - Turkey
Dutch producer: Circe Films

Los ultimos cristeros – Matías Meyer - Mexico
Dutch producer: IDTV/Motel Films


Agua fría de mar – Paz Fabrega - Costa Rica
Dutch producer: Isabella Films

Black and White Photos – Shu Haolun - China
Dutch producer: IDTV/Motel Films

The Light Thief – Aktan Arym Kubat - Kyrgyzstan
Dutch producer: Volya Films


Los viajes del viento - Ciro Guerra - Colombia
Dutch producer: Volya Films 

Salt of this Sea - Annemarie Jacir - Palestina
Dutch producer: Augustus Film 

Jermal - Ravi L. Bharwani - Indonesia
Dutch producer: Motel Films 

Gigante - Adrian Biniez - Uruguay
Dutch producer: IDTV/Motel Films


My Marlon and Brando - Huseyin Karabey - Turkey
Dutch producer: IDTV/Motel Films 

Chnchik – Aram Shabhazyan – Armenia
Dutch producer: Isabella Films

Border – Harutyun Khatchatryan - Armenia
Dutch producer: Volya Films

Happiest Girl in the World – Radu Jude - Romania
Dutch producer: Circe Films


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Photo in header: Rafiki by Wanuri Kahiu