Second Videoland Academy brought forward

You can register for the second edition from 1 June 2020 via (in Dutch).
The chosen participants will be announced during IFFR 2021.

To encourage and support new film talent at this time, the Videoland Academy advances the second edition of the talent development process. Screenwriters and documentary filmmakers are invited to submit their fiction and documentary projects with the themes "Modern Fantasy" and "Family". This gives them the opportunity to be selected for the second batch of the Videoland Academy, where they receive financial and substantive support in the realisation of their fiction films or documentary series.

Theme fiction: Modern Fantasy

For the second edition, the Videoland Academy is looking for fiction stories that take place in our current time, but with a fantasy element. These stories can have interfaces with various other genres such as comedy, horror, coming-of-age, drama or thriller, for young and old. The Videoland Academy wants to challenge makers to add a little imagination to our reality with this theme. Get inspiration from contemporary society, personal events or influential trends that are relevant in the Netherlands.

Examples of Modern Fantasy stories include Lock & Key, Stranger Things, Miracle Workers, Pan's Labyrinth, True Blood and The Leftovers.

Theme documentary: Family

As the theme for the documentaries, the Videoland Academy is looking for stories about mysterious, criminal or integrating families: "You don't choose your family". Families are often associated with conviviality, support and reliability, but what if these values ​​are only visible on the surface? Families can also be complicated, hold secrets, or be very controversial. For the second edition, the Videoland Academy will focus on families of all shapes and sizes. These can be social, political, criminal or interpersonal stories. The Videoland Academy wants to challenge the documaker to add his own vision and to create a story that is full of surprise and surprise.

Examples of documentaries about families include: The Most Hated Family in America, Raw, The Imposter, Does God Love Women?

First edition

Get to know the initiative and the participants of the first edition

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You can register for the second edition from 1 June 2020 via (in Dutch).
Here you can also find more information about the theme and conditions of the Videoland Academy.

The films will premiere during the Netherlands Film Festival and IDFA 2021 and will subsequently be shown exclusively at Videoland.

Videoland Academy first edition

The first edition of the Videoland Academy is still in full swing. At the end of June, the four Grounded Sci-Fi fiction projects will be chosen that will be realised for Videoland. The selection of the True Crime documentary triptych will be announced in September.

About the Videoland Academy

Videoland Academy wants to offer a new generation of makers the opportunity to develop and gain experience within the professional practice in which commercial interests also play a role. For at least the next three years, the Videoland Academy offers a platform for this and supports new talent in financial and substantive terms. Videoland Academy is supported by the Netherlands Film Fund and is in collaboration with the NFF, IDFA, IFFR and Dr. Script. Other partners are Buma Cultuur, Netherlands Film Academy, Planet X and Filmmore.

Photo in header: Opening session of Videoland Academy at IFFR 2020