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Modern Fantasy and Family themes for the second edition of Videoland Academy

Ideas for the second edition of the Videoland Academy can now be submitted! The aim is to look for original and accessible stories with cinematic quality. Do you want to work out an original and exciting story for our streaming service and participate in a number of inspiring workshops during the process? Read below how you can participate and submit your idea! And who knows, maybe you are one of the four participants whose film or documentary series will premiere in 2021 at the Netherlands Film Festival, the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam or the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

Videoland Academy is supported by the Netherlands Film Fund and in collaboration with the Netherlands Film Festival (NFF), International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) and Dr. Script. Other partners are Buma Cultuur, Netherlands Film Academy, Planet X and Filmmore.

The application deadline is 15 July 2020 via

Videoland Academy

Theme fiction: Modern Fantasy

"The Netherlands with a touch of fantasy". For the second edition, the Videoland Academy is looking for fiction stories that take place in our current time, but with a fantasy element. The reality in which we live can sometimes be hard, monotonous, but also very exciting. What reality lacks, however, is a little imagination that helps us escape, put it into perspective or interpret it. These stories can have interfaces with various other genres such as comedy, horror, coming-of-age, drama or thriller, for young and old. Get inspiration from contemporary society, personal events or influential trends that are relevant in the Netherlands.

Theme documentary: Family

Under the motto "You don't choose your family", Videoland is looking for a unique insight into high-profile families in the Netherlands. Videoland Academy is looking for stories about mysterious, criminal or intriguing families. Families are often associated with conviviality, support and reliability, but what if these values ​​are only visible on the surface? Families can also be complicated, hold secrets, or be very controversial. For the second edition, the Videoland Academy will focus on families of all shapes and sizes.

Idea check on Wednesday 1 July

Are you a screenwriter or documentary maker and would you like to know if your documentary or fiction plan is eligible for the second edition of Videoland Academy? Or do you have questions about the themes "Modern Fantasy" and "Family"? Then on Wednesday morning, 1 July, you can have your idea checked and ask questions about the themes to the professionals involved in Videoland Academy.

Register before 25 June via: registration form idea check and send a short synopsis of your documentary or fiction plan and what you want to ask to:

Videoland Academy

More information about the Videoland Academy can be found at