Quicksand by Margot Schaap

For the first edition of BOOSTNL a wide range of projects are selected. At the Dutch Film Festival in Utrecht we welcome the 14 filmmakers with whom this new initiative will come to life. We introduce them with a short Q&A.

Margot Schaap

Margot SCHAAP (1986, the Netherlands) graduated in 2008 from the Netherlands Film Academy with the short film Gaandeweg, for which she won the Tuschinski Award. She wrote and directed various short and mid-length films and the youth documentary School vol vissen. Her feature debut 12 Months in 1 Day was made on a low budget with friends. The film has its world premiere in IFFR 2015.

"For me, cinema is about making others part of a certain experience, sentiment or philosophy of life. The act of observing plays an important role in my work. Small details out of daily life, always related to human behavior, are my source of inspiration. Filmmaking is like creating memories - based on things that really happened, or things you could image happening - and preserve them, in a way.
I hope, and think, the most personal en specific stories are the ones that are most universal. It’s truly satisfying and enriching when people experience the created story as if it’s their own."

In two sentences: what is this project about?
"Quicksand tells the story about the suffocating relationship between Suze (who suffers from OCD) and her dominant mother Helena, and it’s repercussions for three generations of women, including Suze’s six-year-old daughter."

In which fase is the project now?
"Advanced Script Stage."

What do you expect of BOOST NL?
"Although the film will be shot in The Netherlands entirely, we want to work with foreign heads of department’s en post-production crew. For one of the 4 main roles we are looking for a foreign actor. Next to this we are looking for distributors and a sales agent who can help us in presenting the film. I’m hoping for the opportunity to initiate interesting collaborations.