Programme IFFR Live completed

IFFR Live: the most fun shared cinema experience! For the fourth year in a row we’re streaming film events live from Rotterdam to all corners of Europe and beyond. In Tiger Teaser #x we already announced the first three film titles, today we’re spoiling the full programme of six featured films, including special guests. IFFR Live will take place on three consecutive evenings, from Friday 26 January to Sunday 28 January.


Gabriela Pichler, 2018, Sweden, 100’, international premiere

A slick marketing film or two teenagers messing with a smartphone and selfie sticks: how do you pitch the colourless Swedish town of Lafors as best candidate for the new branch of discount store Superbilly? The tragicomic Amateurs by Gabriela Pichler (Eat Sleep Die) shows that a slick picture is less interesting than threadbare reality. 

IFFR Live screening: Saturday 27 January, 16:00 hours
Guests attending: Filmmaker Gabriela Pichler, actress Yara Ebrahim, actress Zahraa Aldoujaili, actor Fredrik Dahl.

  • Still: Amateurs

Nico, 1988

Susanna Nicchiarelli, 2017, Italy, 93’

Sound, loving and above all honest biopic about Nico, more than twenty years after Andy Warhol and The Velvet Underground. Trine Dyrholm (KollektivetFesten) is stunning as the artiste who always has to carry the ballast from the past with her, but continues to believe in the possibilities of a new start. 

IFFR Live screening: Sunday 28 January, 15:00 hours
Guests attending: filmmaker Susanna Nicchiarelli, actress Trine Dyrholm

  • Still: Nico


Olga Chajdas, 2018, Poland, 130’, world premiere

Masterful and sensuous drama about thirty something Nina, who is looking for a surrogate mother for the child she and her longtime husband desperately long for. Young, independent Magda looks like a suitable candidate. But everything changes when Nina unexpectedly gets attracted to her. A turbulent love story with a strong vibe. 

IFFR Live screening: Sunday 28 January, 19:00 hours
Guests attending: filmmaker Olga Chajdas, actress Eliza Rycembel.

  • Still: Nina

Pin Cushion

Deborah Haywood, 2017, United Kingdom, 82’

An all-girl, gothic fairy tale set in British working-class suburbs. Single mother Lyn and her teenage daughter Iona are excited about their new life in a new town, but the transition doesn’t go as smoothly as planned. Both keep up a pretence to protect each other from the dangerous outside world. 

IFFR Live screening: Friday 26 January, 17:00 hours
Guests attending: filmmaker Deborah Haywood, actrice Lily Newmark.

  • Still: Pin Cushion

La Holandesa

Marleen Jonkman, 2017, The Netherlands/Germany, 90’, European premiere

How do you deal with the sorrow of not being able to have children? Dutch woman Maud undertakes an aimless journey through Chile, filmed with breathtaking beauty. The actress Rifka Lodeizen stands out in this roadmovie, which shows how you can lose yourself – and then find yourself again. 

IFFR Live screening: Friday 26 January, 21:00 hours
Guests attending: filmmaker Marleen Jonkman, actress Rifka Lodeizen, screen writer Daan Gielis.

  • Still: La Holandesa

Blue My Mind

Lisa Brühlmann, 2017, Switzerland, 97’

Swiss teenagers say jawohl to MDMA in this disturbing coming-of-age story that cleverly mixes horror and psychological drama. Insecure Mia enters the jungle that is puberty in search of belonging and her blossoming sexuality. Kafka's Metamorphosismeets The Little Mermaid.

IFFR Live screening: Saturday 27 January, 20:00 hours
Guests attending: filmmaker Lisa Brühlmann, actress Zoë Pastelle Holthuizen

  • Still: Blue My Mind

Photo in header: Still: Nina