Please Welcome: the campaign for IFFR 2016

The campaign of International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2016 will focus on 'introduction'. Check out the trailer and poster below!

"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome…" It is probably the most heard sentence in IFFR venues. Festival director Bero Beyer: "Both during the upcoming campaign period and during the festival, the dots behind 'Please Welcome' will be replaced by the names of special guests from all over the world. IFFR has selected their films and is thrilled to show these to audiences in Rotterdam. A unique aspect of the festival is that these – sometimes unknown – filmmakers can count on a warm welcome from a well-filled auditorium."

Designer Rens Muis of design agency 75B on the form and content of the design: "One of the most important things IFFR does, is bring people who don't yet know one another together. Not only filmmakers, audiences, and producers but also investors and cultural entrepreneurs. This is why the campaign for IFFR 2016 is based around the making of such first contacts: 'introducing'."

The images used in the festival campaign mark a change of direction in the graphical representation used in recent years: the tiger remains, but will manifest itself through projection on different backgrounds in differing spatial perspectives and from different angles. The iconic tiger will always be recognisable, but from now will be represented in a variety of forms created by the projection of light and space, the basis of film."

Campagneposter IFFR 2016

For four decades, IFFR has proudly developed and presented auteur cinema by helping filmmakers reach the broadest possible audiences. The festival is known for its individual, innovative programming, with particular attention to talented new filmmakers. Quality films from all over the world are presented in Rotterdam to a large, international audience with the aim of inspiring and broadening horizons.