Please Welcome: line-up of Closing Party by Warsteiner

The line-up of the final night is here! The Closing Party by Warsteiner takes place on Saturday 6 February after the screening of the closing film, The Childhood of a Leader (with orchestra).


The line-up consists of Rotterdam DJs Tobias Prins and Beau Zwart (23.00 − 01.00), Vic Crezée from De School in Amsterdam (01.00 − 2.30), plus closing the night is Rotterdam DJ Jeff Solo (2.30 − 4.00) from Niko.. In addition, you can dance in the silent disco by Dansvoer in the Arcadis hall from 00:00 to 03:00 hrs.

Limited edition beer bottle

For the second edition in a row, Warsteiner present a limited edition of its beer bottle, inspired by the IFFR campagin of 2016; a golden version this time. During the festival, the pils beer is served and drunk from this collector's item, and at certain location from tap. Moreover, the special bottle is sold in selected food and drinks locations and supermarkets around Rotterdam from Monday 18 January 2016 on.

The beer brand Warsteiner has been working as a partner with IFFR since 2015. The two brands collaborate on brand-related actions and events and facilitating food establishments at IFFR; plus this edition, Warsteiner will sponsor the Audience Award.

Get more information about the exclusive availability of the Warsteiner bottle at